Life's Lost Sense of Direction

Walking through  lost lucid sense of direction

Feelings seem sporadically stagnant at times

Wishing and hopeful, line of less looseness

Mucky muddle misses points momentarily   

Researching rational reasons for ridiculousness

Searching for some sort of sense of serenity   

Serenity sets sometimes but for some reasons so unclear

Insanity insists but sanity seems so insane during so many instances

Water flows indecisively indirect, indecisive indirection I guess   

Purpose painful periodically pursuing personal pain   

Seeking a serene understanding of complete consciousness...

Of what reality really is....

Purely, present, past and future


Trusting in trust's treacherous double edged sword

Single swooping slices seem so simple yet precise

Seeking strong serenity in simple understandings

Hoping for mended strength in small stagnant simple mindeness


Working  rigorously relentlessly for rising radiance

Conquering the unintentional unavoidable avoidable mess

Hoping in a faith of honest understanding of what I do not know

Knowing that what I do not know is not a reflection of what I am

Believing in what I might not believe

Having an undying faith in what cannot be..


seen..heard.... understood... a blissfull peace


I will .... I will .... I must


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