These memories fade into me

Each time I gather

They become seamless


They've woven themselves into the stars


Beauty as they are

It is my past


To the melody of my soul

I caught them dancing

As if they didn't mind the memories that cried

They thought them loveliness


Please watch for when they fall

That is you or I falling to harmonize


So we become awoken

To be shown

Just like the stars above



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Jolene Penashue

Tue 2nd Sep 2014 04:48

To Candice: It is about finding ourselves and being truly happy with who we are.

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Andy N

Fri 29th Aug 2014 13:10

very raw here jolene. totally agree with cynthia here but i did really enjoy it.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 25th Aug 2014 17:19

all we need to say is-nice poem!xx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 25th Aug 2014 16:18

There is a very haunting quality here in the essence of your ideas.

But, honestly, IMO, if you feel you have not quite captured your intended meaning, I think you should put such work in a personal diary and hone it until you are better satisfied. Let it come into focus. Mess with it. Ultimately, you shouldn't have to offer an explanation to qualify your vision.

And welcome to WOL. You will really like it on this site.

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Candice Reineke

Mon 25th Aug 2014 04:51

Jolene, beautiful metaphor of your memories woven into stars :) I'd love to hear more about the line "That is you or I falling to harmonize" and the very last stanza.

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Jolene Penashue

Mon 25th Aug 2014 03:49

I wrote this kind of fast, it honestly was a whole different poem at first but it got erased so i wrote this instead. If you wish to know the meaning just leave a comment below. I feel as though I may not have written enough to convey my message.

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