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I never got the chance 
To be, for you, the best
I never had the strength 
To hold you to my chest
I never had the time 
To be a fathers son.
I never had a hope 
Of undoing things I've done.
I never got to tell you
How I missed you when not there.
I never had the strength to speak 
As you were lying there.
I never had the courage
To stroke your ruffled hair.
I never had the chance
To say how much I cared
I never got to say I love you 
With conviction & grace.
I never had the strenght of will 
To say it to your face.
I never got to tell you 
Just how much you meant to me.
I never got to say goodbye 
And now you're floating free.
I miss you my dear father 
In ways no-one could tell.
I watched you through a childs eye,
I watched you go through hell.
I saw in you a tender love 
Your generation could not show.
And now it is all too late 
Now, never shall you know.
I miss you every single minute 
Of every single day.
You'll never know the pride I felt 
To have you as my Dad.
To know that no matter what 
I'll always be your lad.
If words betray emotions 
Our thoughts project them too.
Then feel the warmth in the tender love 
That now I feel for you.
Timeless & endless 
And deeper than the oceans.
Teeming full of life 
And joyfull sweet emotions.
So now I say farewell
To one I love so dear.
As I think about your passing 
I will always shed a tear.
And in doing so feel tragic loss 
But never any fear.
You reside now in my heart and mind
You'll always be quite near.
Goodbye Dad.
I love you. X
July 2009


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Fri 1st Nov 2013 21:50

Such a poignant poem. Well done!

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Fri 1st Nov 2013 20:23

I was never really close to my step-father, so at first I could not fully engage with the words you have written here. Then I thought some more. I am a father myself now, and I thought, if these words were written by my time travelling son (who is only 3 now, but it could be possible in his future), then I would be in tears. in fact I was fighting back the tears as i read these words when i thought of that. I am not the best of dads, but I not the worst. there are things i could do better I'm sure. but if one day in the future my son wrote such words, I would rest well, in hopefully a better place than this.

Brilliant piece of writing and very very touching.

Nice one.


Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Fri 1st Nov 2013 15:31

Touching sentiment
well done.


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