Cotton Town

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Cotton Town


‘It’s grim up north’

I heard him say

The old man knew

he’d worked in the mines

since the beginning of time


‘Salt of the Earth ‘

is what my mum said

‘Where the motorway is cobbled

and they still point at aeroplanes’

said others

- but with a grin

we take it on the chin


I can only hope she was right

she used to spin cotton

up every day at some unearthly hour

in winter she’d be lucky

to see the light of day


Dark satanic mills

maybe, maybe not

but there’s one on every corner

of my old Bolton town


The heart of the industrial revolution,

the land that time forgot

fire and brimstone

some ‘haves’,

but plenty more ‘have nots’


The old folk cut their cloth accordingly

maybe some of those values remain

but the world turns fast

we can’t keep up,

life just can’t stay the same


I’ve travelled well

but always return

to the home I know

the cotton town

where I was born.


Jeff Dawson September 2012


Pic - Swan Lane Mill, Bolton where my mum worked.

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Mick Waring

Wed 10th Oct 2012 21:15

.. very good ... my grandad, in Bolton, in 1881 age 70, was a stoker in an iron foundry .. the good old days ..

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Rachel Bond

Sat 15th Sep 2012 00:30

great poem and pic. ee that looks like the ebm round back corner.

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Andy N

Mon 10th Sep 2012 17:25

well wrote, Jeff. good to see you trying out different styles. I'll knock that ranting poet out of you yet - lol.

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Jeff Dawson

Fri 7th Sep 2012 07:23

Thanx Graham & Poets Corner, every now and again something nice happens in the poetry world and to have one of your poems recognised by others is definitely one of them!

I'm delighted to have my Cotton Town poem featured in Poets Corner and your book, thanx for your support and kind words, hope to see you soon, all the best, Jeff

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Poets Corner

Fri 7th Sep 2012 01:08

Hi Jeff mate...I have sent you a PM/Chat message on fb...but I just wanted to let you know that your above poem 'Cotton Town' has been selected to be featured on 'Poets Corner' for September!

I think it's a great subject...with great words...written by a great poet...Thanks!

Will be posted on PC by Friday and will go forward to be published next year..if I am still alive mate! In my compilation book entitled - 'Strictly PC Accomplices - Poetry'

All the best mate - chat soon!
Graham ;-)

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 5th Sep 2012 06:56

Thanks Tracey, glad you liked it & its given the imagery & feelings that I wanted, There's still a lot of mills in Bolton, but there were around 200 at one time which I think is amazing & of course a different way of life X

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tracey bucknell

Tue 4th Sep 2012 22:25

i really enjoyed your poem jeff :)
the monumental buildings that remain to symbolize a way of life & a ethic that's forgot,stand majestic to remind us who we are....
beautiful, nostalgic and heartfelt :)X

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