The Newberry Dye-Pass Crossing AKA The Rules Of The Road.

Lynne Dye inspired MC Newberry. MC Newberry outspired me!


'Mentally flossing' - there's a phrase I quite like                         

And simple to do whilst riding a bike.

Not sure I'd indulge when approaching a crossing

For the risk of a front tyre its pattern embossing

On any pedestrian, young, old, or infirm.

Look right, left and right. Oh, when will they learn?


Old Zebra crossing are stripped white and black

Walk straight across and don't double back

Pandas were soon replaced by the pelican.

If anyone knows the diff'rence, I don't know how the hell 'e can!

But Pegasus crossings have different resources

To help all the riders sitting high up on horses.

Whilst Puffins have moved all the traffic lights nearer

So for the pedestrians the signals are clearer.

The Tiger's black and yellow with some new rules for bikes

You can cycle across so there's no need to hike.

And Toucan means 'Two can' - on wheels or on foot.

Just press the button then over you strut.


But beware the road user who's inwardly minded,

To beacons and walkers temporarily blinded.

Remember it's still not that safe on a crossing,

When approached by a cyclist who's 'mentally flossing'.




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Robert Mann

Mon 30th Apr 2012 18:29

Could do with the grey matter having a good floss myself! Perhaps this nonsense poem of yours will do the trick! Nice one Yvonne.

<Deleted User> (10123)

Sat 21st Apr 2012 04:05

Such brill is worth a clap - well played, ta muchly Nick.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 20th Apr 2012 15:36

The "pelican" connection reminds me of the verse attached to a famous coaching inn called the George and Pelican that once stood on the Newbury to Marlborough stretch of the old Bath
"The famous inn at Speenhamland
That stands below the hill,
May well be called the Pelican,
From its enormous bill" -
scratched on one of its windows by the Bath actor Quin using his diamond ring.

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Martin Peacock

Fri 20th Apr 2012 14:00

Some neato rhymes in here chuck: I especially chortled at pelican/hell 'e can. Groovy!

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John Coopey

Thu 19th Apr 2012 21:18

...and all those types of crossings - aren't they just "advisory" for cyclists?

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John Coopey

Thu 19th Apr 2012 21:16

I have to confess I'm starting this "thread" back'ds so I'll no doubt end up at Lynn!
But, oh my word, Yvonne, "hell 'e can"! Have you no shame!?

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 19th Apr 2012 15:59

Yvonne - "mentally flossing": to clear the mind of detritus detrimental to the job in this instance - cycling!
But I enjoyed your view on the subject and take some
pleasure in the knowledge that the humble bike and its
custodian got some right of reply in the face of outrage from apoplectic foot-sloggers (and boat moorers!) :-))

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Lynn Dye

Thu 19th Apr 2012 09:40

Very clever, Yvonne, enjoyed this.

I never realised I was going to spark off a revolution of poems, great stuff!

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 18th Apr 2012 20:27

ps-the title is soooo clever
that it caused me'unt'missus
to have a dicky fit-(in arfun hour-ha!)

now floss off!

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 18th Apr 2012 20:23

No blummin wonder we're not well!!

Yerv all gone mad on here ternite-
and we blame that Mrs.Dye.
thank gawd
and Saint Crispbags
for sensybull crinkleys like wot we iz.

Now behave-you mental flossers!xx

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