Cosy bed comforts…

body lies weary…

eyelids heavy…

brain in overdrive…


And so I ask –


Is your flirting going anywhere?

does it mean anything?

or shall I just drift off

and dream of what could have been…


I open one eye,


through the gloom

digital shines red.


I turn over,

pull sheet over head,

close my eyes,

your face is all I see…


So please tell me –


Is your flirting going anywhere?

does it mean anything?

as I would so much prefer

to dream in hope of what might be…

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Andy N

Sun 18th Dec 2011 21:06

i agree with jeff here totally, Lynne.

nice stuff.. made me smile on these cold winter nights - lol

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Lynn Dye

Wed 14th Dec 2011 23:00

Hi Stef - evicted Colin, you say?
Well, no, but this poem does nothing for his self esteem!!!
And how did you know about my ears??
L xx

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Lynn Dye

Wed 14th Dec 2011 22:59

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. xx

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Wed 14th Dec 2011 15:01

Yes - I would agree with the other comments made here - this is the kind of stuff to give you sleepless nights. I think your poem is very well executed. x

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Anthony Emmerson

Tue 13th Dec 2011 19:10

This is a lovely and softly erotic vignette Lynn. :)



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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 13th Dec 2011 16:59

Are we to take it
that you have evicted Colin then Lynn?

And yes we agree with Steve on the poem.

Well done!

cheers big ears.


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Jeff Dawson

Tue 13th Dec 2011 08:12

Like this Lynn, these questions are the cause of millions of sleepless nights across the world! good stuff Jeff x

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