They Sang God Save the Queen

She used her wealth and privilege to bring an end to poverty

When George Floyd died she led the nation when they took the knee

She made the toffs stop hunting

The foxes hung out bunting

She even stopped the Tories from shitting in the sea


She used her wealth and privilege to pay the nation’s power bill

And made an NHS fit for a queen if she fell ill

She closed food banks by the score

‘Cause they weren’t needed any more

And left the royal parks to the commons in her will


She used her wealth and privilege to make equality routine

She said this nation has no use for a nuclear submarine

She gave back all the loot

Gained in colonial pursuit

And when she died they dried their eyes and sung God Save The Queen

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John Coopey

Mon 19th Sep 2022 10:39

Brave submission, Steve.
I'm not an avid monarchist nor an avid republican. I am conflicted between the theory and the practice. In theory, I prefer by far an elected leader rather than one based on inheritance. In practice, I look at who this would have given us over the last 50 years, eg Boris and Margaret Thatcher.
Paradoxically, a monarch would have been (and still is) far less divisive for the nation than any elected partisan leader.
On balance therefore I find myself a reluctant monarchist.

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Richard kent

Sat 17th Sep 2022 11:27

I agree with Russell Jacklin.

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Steve White

Mon 12th Sep 2022 18:43

Thanks all for your comments, particularly Stephen for your continued support.

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Sat 10th Sep 2022 22:53

Inspired and refreshing. Really enjoyed reading this one Steve. If only those with power would follow through on using their position to 'do the right thing'.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 10th Sep 2022 17:14

It's good to read another angle on this, Steve. We need passion and different views. Good one.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 10th Sep 2022 16:34

I read these lines with knowledge of a saying: "Cynicism is the
last resort of idealism" Sadly, there has never been a perfect
world, let alone perfect people and their systems. The long
institution of monarchy provides a guiding light for the wayward
passing shipping in the often stormy political seas. .

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Russell Jacklin

Sat 10th Sep 2022 15:48

That's the problem with a constitution monachy, she can advise goverments based on years of history but it's the idiots voted in on either side that cause the hardship
Maybe if we expected and demanded more from our elected leaders instead of thinking she has a vast fortune that is a cure for all ills we may get somewhere.
I did not enjoy reading your work due mainly to the basic flaws in understanding, but I respect your right to believe in your sentiments and to write about it

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