Days of Innocence

Days of Innocence


Childhood was mostly uncomplicated

I was as naive as my friends

We played simple games

A toy box under the stairs

Nature rambles at school

Learning to ride my two wheeler bicycle

Feeding my goldfish won at a fair

Playing on swings and roundabouts in the park

Adventurous excursions into the countryside

Swimming lessons paid for by Dad

Helping Mum clean the windows

Fixated by our black and white television set

Loathing my sister who was the favourite

Watching Mum clean the grate and lay a new fire 

Wearing a souwester and wellingtons when it rained

Picking daisies and looping them into a chain

Searching for caterpillars on the leavees of plants

Pressing flowers and leaves into books

Such innocent memories

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keith jeffries

Mon 22nd Aug 2022 18:44

Thank you to all who read this poem and commented. I appreciate your interest.

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jennifer Malden

Wed 17th Aug 2022 15:53

Lovely Keith! Still make daisy chains for my grandaughter, and my boys used to bring back those wretched goldfish. they kept on strangely disappearing, until we discovered the cat had learnt to fish, poor things! Pressed flowers too, and The Observer's Book of birds, flowers and dogs. We didn't have TV, so had to make our own amusements, but were never bored.My sister wasn't the favourite, but a much prettier child than I was, so I once emptied Mum's fountain pen into her mouth. She started blowing blue bubbles, so retribution wasn't short in coming. No ill effects luckily.

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Ghazala lari

Wed 17th Aug 2022 05:43

Your poem reminds me of a beautiful Indian song. I'm leaving the lyrics of the song here but in hindi. I'm sure you'll appreciate the translation of the lyrics.
Childhood memories are the best memories, but for some. There are many unlucky children who go through hell of hardships and tortures, still their innocent hearts remember the good old times they were able to somehow grab during childhood.

Beautiful poem

ये दौलत भी ले लो, ये शोहरत भी ले लो
भले छीन लो मुझसे मेरी जवानी
मगर मुझको लौटा दो बचपन का सावन
वो कागज़ की कश्ती, वो बारिश का पानी

मुहल्ले की सबसे निशानी पुरानी
वो बुढ़िया जिसे बच्चे कहते थे नानी
वो नानी की बातों में परियों का डेरा
वो चेहरे की झुरिर्यों में सदियों का फेरा
भुलाए नहीं भूल सकता है कोई
वो छोटी सी रातें वो लम्बी कहानी

कड़ी धूप में अपने घर से निकलना
वो चिड़िया वो बुलबुल वो तितली पकड़ना
वो गुड़िया की शादी में लड़ना झगड़ना
वो झूलों से गिरना वो गिर के सम्भलना
वो पीतल के छल्लों के प्यारे से तोहफ़े
वो टूटी हुई चूड़ियों की निशानी

कभी रेत के ऊँचे टीलों पे जाना
घरौंदे बनाना बनाके मिटाना
वो मासूम चहत की तस्वीर अपनी
वो ख़्वाबों खिलौनों की जागीर अपनी
न दुनिया का ग़म था न रिश्तों के बंधन
बड़ी खूबसूरत थी वो ज़िंदगानी

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 16th Aug 2022 22:59

I Remember all that, Keith. Nowadays they just shoot things on the Xbox or stare at phones!

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Tue 16th Aug 2022 11:34

Really enjoyed this Keith.

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