A Shooting Star


I think it's the third twinkle down


In the constellation of Ursa Major

Where she sits

All sparkly with stardust

And cheesy-gobbed from moon food

Gran said that God had came and 

plucked her right off the earth

A car was an odd choice of plucking

But, that's what he chose

With all her beautiful smiley curls of gold

And shimmery eyes of sapphires

I think she flung a piece of her hair at the sun

To make it shine brighter

And often winks at the stars

To show them how to twinkle properly

   On a clear night, without any fluff

She, sometimes, cries snowflakes 

That flutter down with the starlight

Gran says it's 'cause she misses us so much

So I run out

Eyes wide, with venus flytrap hands

Catching as many as I can

Then I kiss & kiss them

Until lips go tingly fresh

And the Love shoots right back up

And splatters her face with rosy tickles

It makes her giggle & shuffle

Until her excitement is a rocket

And she blasts off into the stars

   Sometimes, if you watch closely

You can see her shoot across the sky

Her shimmery golden locks blazing behind

I post more kisses upon my hand

And blow them starward 

Before getting snuggly deep in duvet land

And floating off to meet her

In dreamy slumbers of new worlds

And the adventures beyond 


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keith jeffries

Mon 30th Aug 2021 21:30

I am going to go a step further and say this poem is extraordinary and exceptional. A good piece of imaginative writing.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 30th Aug 2021 21:26

Very moving and beautiful. Conjures up something wonderful.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 30th Aug 2021 20:50

Thanks Julie & Greg for the kind comments!
And for your highly complementary comments Keith. Full of encouragement! And I love the explanation of angels cleaning heaven to explain thunder. Sounds like a wise, caring Gran! Thanks again.
And for the Like Holden

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keith jeffries

Mon 30th Aug 2021 13:23

Wow, this is an incredible poem, rich in fantasy and imagination. Every word held me transfixed. Your descriptive language sets it apart from most poetry I have read recently. I enjoyed the way you introduced your Gran's explanations for things. This reminds me of when I was a boy. One day during a violent thunderstorm I took fright and my Gran told me not to worry as it was only the angels who were cleaning heaven and moving the furniture around.

Great poem Stephen. Your literary talents come to the fore.
Thanks for this


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Greg Freeman

Mon 30th Aug 2021 13:16

Lovely poem, Stephen

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julie callaghan

Mon 30th Aug 2021 12:57

Beautiful 🌟

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