A Beautiful, Dreamy Poetry Day, MASSACRE!


Through your window, the puffed up clouds

And sun drizzled fields are beckoning poetic verse to be written. 

Behind you, a gentle scratching sound distracts

But you don't turn. 

It's probably that sneaky, little dormouse that sometimes visits

Yes, that's what it'll be

And yet...


...Is something staring?


Something glaring?


Slyly peeping


Slowly creeping


Behind you sneaking?


Floorboards creaking


Turning shrieking!

Your eyes weeping

Blood leaking

Fluids seeping

Guts spilling!

Head drilling!

Eyes bursting!

Gore spurting!

Bile spitting!

Face splitting!

Skin stripping!

Flesh ripping!

Cleaver hacking!

Spine cracking!

Bone crunching!

Poet munching ...


Alas! At the first turning of your head

You, quickly, realise it's not that cheeky, little dormouse at all

But, a sadistic, poet eating, demonic aberration, straight from the bowels of Hell!

( commonly known as The Bard Eater)


No lovely poetry today I'm afraid

Or, ever again! 


Bard Eaterdead poetfright

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 2nd Sep 2021 18:51

Thanks very much for the comment, Laura, appreciated. And Glad you enjoyed the torture ☺️
And thanks for the like Mr Hobo. 👍

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Laura Taylor

Thu 2nd Sep 2021 12:18

Hahaa! Great original piece, love it!

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 1st Sep 2021 22:55

Nothing like a poet getting eaten to cheer us up Julie 😄. Glad you liked it

And Stephen, don't look behind you. The better the poet, the hungrier it gets...

And thanks for the likes Aisha, John & Holden . Munch munch

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 1st Sep 2021 17:20

Wow! I get worried by a doormouse. No hope for me!

Good one.

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julie callaghan

Wed 1st Sep 2021 13:38

Oh no, please tell me it isn’t so!! I’m in mourning😁
Thank you, cheered me right up😁

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