An ill Wind Blows

An ill Wind Blows


Across the face of the earth an ill wind blows

a wind which las lain dormant in time

A wind fermenting to reach fever pitch

with a power about to be unleashed

Its strength will be without restraint

as in its wake many will cry and shout

Unrest and conflict will break forth

setting one against another with a fury untold

Thunder and lightning will be its herald

a symphony to arouse and incite the masses

The unscrupulous will take their advantage

and chaos will gush forth upon the innocent

The ill wind has bided its time till now

amassing its strength to reek havoc

It will arrive with a majestic formidable strength

and leave as a lamb led out to graze in pasture

Then behold a landscape of destruction

upon which man will seriously ponder

Will lessons be learned in the aftermath

or do we curse the past to repeat the future

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trevor homer

Wed 20th Jan 2021 14:08

It's an ill wind that blows no good, Keith. When America sneezes, we catch cold.

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keith jeffries

Tue 19th Jan 2021 12:39

Julie, Stephen A., Aisha, JD., Aviva, Kristian, New shoes and Brian.
Thank you all for your likes and comments. They are much appreciated and a source of encouragement.


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New Shoes

Tue 19th Jan 2021 06:26

I see where you are coming from Keith and the Truth behind your words. It will be a heavy blow indeed, only in that thought we must remember not to fear.

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keith jeffries

Mon 18th Jan 2021 19:45

Yes, they have reduced the price of crumpets in my local supermarket.


<Deleted User> (18980)

Mon 18th Jan 2021 19:02

Shades of Revelations Keith...just need the four horsemen.

Anything to be optimistic about?

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Kristian Deidre Brown

Mon 18th Jan 2021 18:31

the last line says so much in itself- really enjoyed this piece, Keith.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 18th Jan 2021 18:19

An excellent, Powerful piece Keith, but let's hope it remains but the stuff of poems...✌️

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J.D. Bardo

Mon 18th Jan 2021 14:56

The morning news already had me scared, and depressed today. then, a friend remarked that he has not lived in a more dangerous and uncertain world as now. then this...... Off to the Home improvement center for stronger door locks, and plywood to board up my windows. Keith, you have me scared out of my mind. For us, Inauguration Day, may be very unkind. I expect the worse, Our future is really in a bind. I pray for a better day, and have hope that tomorrow that is what we find.

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