Memories of Austerity

Memories of Austerity


Married in the late summer of nineteen forty six

in a time of austerity and post war ruin

With little money to sustain them

they trusted in their love for each other

Rented rooms in the house of another

was all they could afford

An undamaged building in a sea of rubble


The scars and signs of war were prevalent

rationing of food a daily difficulty

The world about was a series of shades

blacks, greys and browns formed a dismal landscape

Cars were all painted black

everything was threadbare and lacked lustre

People uniformly dressed in dowdy clothes


Then came the prefab, a new home

hastily constructed on a nearby bomb site

It was new and full of light

in a corner of the kitchen stood a refrigerator

A new and brighter future had arrived

a motor bike and sidecar stood outside

Small gardens back and front for veg and flowers

no stairs were there to climb aloft

Old signs were removed which said

Air Raid Shelter, as no longer did bombs fall

Blackout curtains were exchanged for floral patterns

Hope sat on a sunny horizon which was no more to be flattened

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Jan 2021 20:01

Thank you Mariyam, Stephen G., Julie, Stephen A., JD., and Holden for your likes and comments. I wrote this as I tried to compare the pandemic with the post war years but really there is no comparison. At least it was a trip down memory lane.


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 13th Jan 2021 18:06

Thanks, Keith. A story that sounds eerily like that of my parents, minus the sidecar. (And the bike was a Honda 50. Oh well.)

Mariyam sheikh

Wed 13th Jan 2021 09:38

It feels so good and redeemable after reading anybody's life story in a touche- phrases 💐👍

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