Come and See (Russian Dedication)

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Come and See


     from within a husk known human,
     A dereliction dwells,
Eyes peer from beneath, eyes -
     Like yours, or mine,
But from a notion caught in angst,
     A psychic awareness knows within
The husk the eyes that peer upon you
     Are far from Humankind.



     Angels here are hunted down
And the gun upon their head,
     But the trigger there is never blown,
Just the murder of his heart for Angels
here can live again, and then again,
     But his destruction be the
Killing of a life that never asked be born.



     A Foundry of Worlds
Is wanting secret architects that
     Can harness Arcs of Life,
But when the Architect is followed
From within a Husk known - Human
Then the wings are all too compromised,
     And then return to home
Has gone beyond the Sunset -
     With only Earth to make a claim.



          A foundry of Worlds to
Accompany the Arc of Life,
     Frowns a fearful fortitude -
Grasping for a sense of 'Staying'
While gasping still for Air,
     Then there the gaze of husks as
Angels begin to weep as nothing there
      Registers beyond the eyes that do not see.



'my head lolls upon the bed frame an
     arc of life about to die,
         pain upon this Humankind -
           too much to call; all life!'


Michael J Waite 19th August 2020
     (Written in response to the Russian Masterpiece - Come and See).


This poem now has an ambient track to accompany it. Poem at the end.

follow this link to give a listen.




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ZTK Space

Mon 26th Oct 2020 20:23

track to accompany the prose now added 26th October 2020.

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