I Need You

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I'm always thinking about the day we first met,

It's definitely something that I'll never forget,

The first thing I remember was that gorgeous smile,

It left me dumbstruck and uncontrollably docile,

The next thing I noticed were those glistening blue eyes,

I was lost in my thoughts dazed and hypnotized,

How does God put so much beauty into one thing?

I thought she was an angel but she was missing her wings,

She was wearing aviators on her head and a white tang-top with converse,

Ripped jeans while carrying a canvas backpack purse,

She had dirty blonde hair braided up in pig-tails,

Cupid's arrow was a devastating blow as it impaled,

All of a sudden my thoughts were telling me I needed you,

Direct hit from Cupid's arrow it flew straight and true,

She kept giving me this look that left me wanting more,

She gave me this feeling that I've never felt before,

We started talking and that was the beginning of the end,

The way I felt I couldn't hide nor pretend,

We hung out that day, the day that I met her,

It went by so fast and it was all a blur,

10 years together and now you are gone,

My friends and family keep telling me that I need to move on,

I don't know if that's something that I can do,

My heart is broken my love and I really miss you.



JULY 17, 2020




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Jared Harris

Mon 20th Jul 2020 22:27

Also M.C. you described it perfectly, you nailed it....

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Jared Harris

Mon 20th Jul 2020 22:26

Thank you both for your feedback....I really appreciate it and I do enjoy reading your opionions of my writings...once again thank you...

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 18th Jul 2020 15:45

The photo adds to the poignancy of the words...bringing home the
emotions experienced and expressed in these lines. A modern
evocation of Romeo and Juliet, but parted by the passage of time,
and other unspoken reasons that leave the reader guessing - and


Sat 18th Jul 2020 04:11

blessed in the arms of love....great write...made me smile....power to both of you, you both look simply great. true love does exists.👍

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