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Hilary Walker

Updated: Sun, 11 May 2014 04:01 pm

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Hilary Walker is a mature newcomer to performance poetry, in fact she firmly believes it to be a symptom of the menopause that will, hopefully, go away if she keeps applying the cream. Under her cool exterior she reveals a sad, man-hating original style. Her sideways slant on life relationships delivers a cynical wit but best of all folks, she comes really cheap. She was recently the toast of New York appearing at the Cornelia Street Poetry Cafe in Greenwich Village. Listening to the rapturous applause she thought she was going great until someone asked her which state in Australia she was from !!! Currently available to appear anywhere in the world, including Bolton and Wagga Wagga, don't be shy - get in touch.


JUDGEMENT DAY A' two' Man, a fuckin 'two' I mean, who the hell are you to mark anyone a miserable 'two' I know you're quite entitled to your particular point of view But come on Man !, I performed , I delivered, didn't miss a cue Okay you didn't like the poem But don't you think a 'five' would do The audience laughed a couple of times and I swear that you did too But I was left dejected and unaware of what to do to develop, to gain your approval as you obviously know a thing or two What I learned is I'm not cut out for slammin, I take it far too personal, it's true I'm a gentle, sensitive soul, you fuckin bastard Yeah, me and slams are sure thru NO SUPPORT FOR THE SMALL BREASTED WOMAN Men like Big uns Great hanging bazookers womanly bosoms considered 'the cutest' with nipples to die for and cleavage to climb in overgrown schoolboys guilty as sin But, what happens when the seasons turn into years and big bustered females must face their worst fears their once proud, loud mamaries begin to migrate to warm southern hemispheres that alter their shape. Now enter triumphant the small breasted tit when younger, passed over men barely noticed it but now, when mature still pert, shape never in doubt support small breasted women cause we'll never face south

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David Moore

Sat 16th May 2015 16:59

I should qualify my previous remark. I do not have preference for women according to the size of their breasts, although less is more, me thinks. (somewhat damns my last remark, hopefully you get my drift though)

Rather more important is whether they are even aware of my presence in the room, and then maybe if I'm lucky they might care to engage with me.

David Moore

Sat 16th May 2015 16:44

I now like small breasted women, it is a manifestation of realism. I have paid for large breasts on Harley Street, In retrospect I would rather have paid for the recipient to attend University.

At least then after our parting she would have been of some use to mankind, other than having to seek a new benefactor to provide the maintenance fee's, no not for the children! for the tits.

I have since returned to shore, and am no longer swimming in a sea of macho life degrading sludge.

I quite like your prose.

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Weston Parks

Mon 3rd Nov 2014 17:46

Your work seems quite witty to me. I am new to this blog, also new to displaying my work in public. I have just published four short volumes on Kindle, but I'd like to share feedback with other creative people. I would welcome any comments on the poem I just posted on this site.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 21st Jul 2014 20:02

Love it .......but please can you post the video of you performing this piece naked so I can give a fuller critique-- Ok ;) Tommy

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 9th Oct 2009 09:52

I'm an Expressive Dysphasiac- please encourage me more!

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Zuzanna Musial

Fri 25th Jan 2008 05:55

Sorry Hilary
For misspelling your name, was not intentional.
I see you being very upbeat person. The readings I imagine will be well done as you have a very vibrant personality.

Thank you…Zuzanna

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Zuzanna Musial

Fri 25th Jan 2008 05:49

Hello Hillary,
Nice meeting you. I understand that you have been involved in live poetry reading. That is very motivating and gives the writer much confid3ence to get in front of the audience to read your writes. I can not imagine the joy you may feel doing so.

I thank you for visiting my page and will keep in touch with you. Today it is already late will come back soon...Thank you...Zuzanna

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Mia Darlone

Thu 20th Dec 2007 15:03

Hey! Bloody well done last week (I'm now feeling quite proud of the not-exactly-impressed response I triggered to my nob monologue). I love your slam rant - I had one too as soon as I got home, mine's called Dying on Your Arse. Thinking about it, maybe you should re-title your poem 'Small Nob Syndrome' - it usually sparks this type of power-tripping behaviour. I think it's highly likely he wanted a piece of Walker action and knew he didn't stand a chance - he sounds like he probably does a bit of doorman work when he's not 'judging'.

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Sun 1st Jul 2007 22:58

hey Hills, please come out of 'retirement' and give us all that lovely poems again. You are sorely missed! Abi

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