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New Memories

Squinting at the good old days
through a low winter sun
dreaming of those times
spent down on the sand
lost in the blue hour
or scheming on a journey
deep into the night
We could have gone anywhere
a can raised to the sky
and on our faces only smiles
for miles
and miles and miles

So many friendships
left behind at other stations
back down the tracks
My friendships; all are fraying
their ropes unwinding
I can’t see anything
but all of their waving
they're waving goodbye

O, we need to make new memories...

Alone on the stones
eyes cast out across the water
looking back towards the land
I feel there’s so much possibility
still coursing through these veins
only halfway, I’m halfway only
The world bends
where the sky and water blend
as day ends, I see their pretty faces
as the ripples on the water

Those old memories
they’re thinning in the depths
at the edges of my mind
My old partners in crime
keep waving
keep waving goodbye

O, we need to make new memories…

Come dance with me
on the moonlit beach
let’s make new memories
come roll with me
on the endless dunes
let’s make new memories...





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Sofia Urquiza

Tue 7th Apr 2020 08:38

Your writing in New Memories is so vivid, so lovely. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end! I hope to read more of them also, will definitely have to catch up on more of your poems?

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 12:39

Thank you Po, Itsjustmedownhere and Mika for the likes ?

And thank you Jennifer, Hannah and Keith. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. I felt it was a bit longer than it needed to be and was considering losing the second verse, but I'll rethink that now!

There are those times in our lives where the friends you've accumulated just seem to start peeling away into the tumult of their new families and new adventures. And later on, they'll be peeling off into eternity. But while we're still here, let's try and make some new memories...

Cheers all, Tom

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jennifer Malden

Wed 11th Mar 2020 18:06

Great writing as usual! Agree with Keith about the second stanza in particular, which is really moving.



Wed 11th Mar 2020 16:15

Brilliant! Its always a pleasure reading your work.

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keith jeffries

Wed 11th Mar 2020 15:54


A poem which I would love to have written myself as it describes so well the nature of memories, their effect on our lives and the hope to create and recreate more. The second stanza brought an almost tearful reaction as it so beautifully speaks of distant memories, old friends and times past. The stanza paints a picture in my mind which fills me with a sense of melancholy yet longing to return to those halcyon days.

So very evocative. So well crafted.
Thank you

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