Young poet who enjoys writing poems while trying to avoid the cliché. I tend not to include words featured in a poem as part of it's title. I started writing poetry back in September 2019, so I am pretty new to it.

The Light Box

Filament burns, fingers touching static glass. Drunk with self-depreciating guilt as eye's tap dance in unison to a scripted feeling. Ink tracing those familiar lines cliched by experience. this time with a heavier hand, forged through fear- now's the time to be brave...


Syllables paint the walls a coherent mess fumbling from corner to corner, eroding my haven. Skin scraped by sharp rhetoric’s that bounce from surfaced stone, hard and beating. I want a smothering of hard plaster to heal the wounds.


Vivid drops of a thought bleed, bound to thick paper, soaked by restricted flow. swirling in circles, trademarking the page, a hyperbole of constants too damp to dry.

Being Human

Rubber scrapes the soil orchestrating a path with feet. Watching tread copyright nature with a flawed melody, a percussion of leaves crunches beneath, touching gales with a verse of words- before the chorus fades.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Sat 25th Jan 2020 21:55

Hi Hannah, welcome to WoL! Some great works you've shared here. love your use of language and the pursuit of the avoidance of cliché is something I wholeheartedly support! I also like the idea of the of the title being separate to the words themselves; it's not something I always do myself but I really like the idea of using the title as a key to unlock the poem. Really looking forward to more of your work. Tom.

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