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Tui Dragonfly

Updated: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 02:52 am

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My first mind blowing epiphany, at the age of 15, that stories weren't just educational/Historic was "And the Vogon ships hung in the air, Exactly the way that bricks.... Don't!" Woo hoo! I'm not alone!!! A realisation there are Jedi's all around, just most of them are just in disguise. After 25 years traveling the globe, I now live in NZ with my husband and cat. Now nudging 50 and having traveled to 52 countries, I know how fortunate I am to have lived many valuable lifetimes.... So Far! I am glad to have found this site and with confident trepidation look forward to sharing what enter the maelstrom of 'rants' dressed as poems, as the come through me and I trust you can find, one word, phrase or stanza that opens Your mind... Or Let's you know, You also, are not alone ??️??

The Buddah Before You

.... So be free in yourself, be kind to your mind, Your are merely a kite.... a movement in time. Don't worry a jot if you've left your own mark, its your forward motion that creates a friction and from friction... a huge SPARK! So rejoice the Buddah before You in whatever their guise, Man, Woman or Child just open your mind and help them move forward, a step at a time....

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Mae Foreman

Mon 6th Apr 2020 20:23

Thanks for stopping by at my profile Tui and for the kind words! I loved your sample poem! Fresh and original! Kudos!🎈


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