Atoms into Life


Autumn Stardust - origins of UNIVERSAL SHEEBA

A llingering configuration of ATOMS through Light, reflecting

     Their moment   


and Together

                           in TIME.

‘TIME” a ‘shift’ in our consciousness, when the earth, moon and stars 

were suddenly harnessed by us, and used for ‘our’ gain... 

A labyrinth, made, of subconscious order, to be adhered and obeyed 

Through repetition of stories, songs an of books, similar endings and the very same ‘hooks’.

Of Good and of Evil, of Love and of Hate, Birth and Death and all ‘We’ create’


“To keep ourselves in order” & “Of all fear and pain” Be free...

Are the slogans we sing and give and each other each and every ‘Sun’ day!


A ‘time’ that is purely constructed, is of our own choosing....  perpetually maintained, 

Contracts made and followed based on our formative years 

our ‘age invisability’ - the voyeurs luxury of viewing people tears

Watch them try on Love, Hate and Fear!

When did choosing sides begin, it’s really not clear.


60 mins in one hour? 

Oh yes please, may we, have 60 extra minutes in each and every day?!’

But 60 seconds, to a hesitator.... is crumbs leading towards the way....

... to follow the blueprint for the ‘Full Promised Life’ 

our ‘lifespan structure’ fabricated in the machinations of our collective mind.


The hesitator KNOWS the value of time, and will spend theirs wisely

To make sure they get it ‘right’!

The beauty here is that they most always do!

The ones with clear unsullied vision are always driven straight on through.


Time is also the answer - or so the song lyrics say.

“Love is all we need” ... shouts out the endorphin rich crowd


But what I hear in the wind is ...

       “Courage to Love, 

                                 is all we need to 

                                                Free Fear”


Let the atom and light parade begin..... and remember that we are ‘All’ stardust figurines, configured and magnetised by our minds

We get to choose

This is our prize

To look at our atoms

And choose how they fly


Be our own superhero’s

And fly upside down

Making music with treetops

And shining light all around.


It is Light from Darkness

We are conditioned to pray

To welcome the dawn, of every day

To respect, love and worship 

12 hours in a day....


8 hours for working, 5 times a week

2 days off, in order not to ‘crack’.

But wait just a mo, where’s all the fun..

Let’s try... kids, friends, dogs and hobbies

Run run run...


Ohhhhh Stardust, Moonbeams Atoms and Light....

Forget not wenst you came from

The warm, dark depths of insidious delight

OUR creation and birth

          OUR atoms moments in the spotlight

                    OUR opportunity to take the ‘hesitators’ advice but make ‘every’ single second

Give not a shit!

For the one who went before, or the one left behind


For this single moment 

Is MY moment in time......


To quote an earthly angle...


“We are Stardust

We are Golden

Billion year old carbon

Caught in the devils bargin

We’ve got to get ourselves 

Back to the garden.”


◄ Ode to Mr Jabberwoke - aka Jason Bliss

The Buddha Before you ►


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Tui Dragonfly

Sun 9th Feb 2020 02:47

Thanks Lisa,
Realising that I'm not 'really' in control (as much as I try) ... reflected in watching the joy that a cool 'watermelon skin' on a hot day brings, deep in the sentient eyes of that little pig at the beach. Quickly followed by the knowing grunt and direct eye contact of this little guy to request, quite politely, the other one! When i had finished, of course!🤗

It was the look, and wonderful connection of another soul in this universe and I am grateful for that!!!

Thank you for reminding me of him c

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 6th Oct 2019 14:17

Marvelously thought provoking and deep

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