The Buddha Before you

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The Buddha before you

Never the end
   we hear someone say...
or the beginning we hasten to think!

MY life is important...?wha.. wha... what do Yooou think!... ???

3 - 3 - 3 9
I hear you call,
softly and secretly from  the depths of  my soul.

All the while
   living through life   
the buddha before you,                 

Our shadow?               

Our light?

Everything we encounter IS ... 

the stone you stub your toe on,
the wind in your face,
the choices you make as the biting ants virulently march on by.

There's no room for anger,
   sadness or lust,
the Buddha before you may, without notice just dissolved into dust.

Fear not Infinity as the constant decay, 
It is LIFE generation in a myriad of ways.

The rebirth of particles,
atoms and minds 
make up this time-slop
as the universe unwinds.
   The song of the stars,
where we like to play
give us hope, joy and honesty 
bit by bit
and day by day.

Our egos, our World, our feelings of yAY!
spreading out though galaxies as ripples on a lake, If all we look for, is needles .....  FBM (fucken BIG mistake!)

Be cognisant of the Buddha  before you!
   for surely ... they are!

Each path and each journey
are caught on display
each individual enlightenment could happen today, 
understanding and acceptance is our role to play.

Support every journeyman,
   give them your grace 
         even if its a tree branch that sprung back in your face.

To laugh, fight or cry  ...

Who are we to rush another's journey?!?! ... 'Hey mae wee happy piggy at the Happy Beach Bar,
   he sure let me know our paths were not to cross today.
But the rains, the sky, and my lovely husband
made for a great day.

One step at a time,
try to keep one thought in mind,
enjoy the simple kindness of others 
   as they ..... 
      recognise the Buddha within you!

Don't get in 'their' way as they move forward, through you.
Shine love back to them
     continue to play.

All too easily we are burdened with thoughts that drag us down and fall heavy on hearts
of what is to come ... 
  and what is left behind.

WE must our own journey 
as Siddhartha before 
  must follow our own instinct
    our love
       our heart.

Take a small breath or 15,000.... more
 just to start
We don't need to say "No!" 
   "I don't think I can"
      but grab onto the wind, 
  and get ready to run!!!

The sun may be shining
the night may be cold,
by putting one foot forward
we'll never get olde.

For O.L.D. 
is merely A state of mind, 
E represents our doubts and our hurdles
and if we loose our compassion
turning us blind.

So be free in yourself, 
be kind to your mind,
You are merely a kite....
a movement in time

Don't worry a jot
if you've left your own mark,
Your forward motion creates friction
and from friction a huge SPARK!


   We are ALL energy,
merely different denotations from the same tree.

Watch for the fire works
in mood, stride or smile...
for the Buddha  before you
is 'always' around.

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Tui Dragonfly

Thu 12th Dec 2019 14:09

This is the full version of the example of my works. Written whilst visiting family in Northern Thailand.
The photo is of one of the many subjugated workers in Dubai who built that 'city of gold' and yet when trouble strikes, are still treated like chattels... devoid of human rights.

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