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Welcome to the profile and blog of Trev the Road Poet, said to be the UK's most prolific traveling poet, Trev, is pictured on a wall at Ben Ghosh in the Holy Land outside a church dedicated to Mary and Elizabeth on 5 December 2016 writing poem 42 from his Pilgrimage Collection the journey home based on The Road to Emmaus, Jerusalem is in the background. Real name Trevor Wainwright: He is based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. Lives, Cares, Believes, Stubborn, Awkward, Argumentative, Controversial, all the good qualities of a poet, as in the poem I Like, and not a bad bloke really. He says of himself: Starting out as a community based poet, I have written on a variety of subjects, not all of them popular including AIDS and ME, the purpose being to raise awareness and greater understanding. My poems on the subject have been published to worldwide acclaim, and have been well received by those involved in the illnesses. I have also been part of reading teams to raise awareness of the illnesses. I like writing poems about clever buggers getting their comeuppance and the underdog coming out on top. As can be seen in the poem Bobbing and Weaving which takes its title from a poem about a prostitute getting stabbed to death, supposedly humorous, in my version the female fights back and wins, and it is based on a true story as related to me by those who saw what happened, when they stopped laughing. I also enjoy performing my poems and others, and can think of no better tribute than when having read one of my poems at an event, someone asks me to read one of theirs. I have read in front of Bishops, MP's, Mayors, Councilors, in churches, theatres, cafes, pubs, outside in the streets, in parks, one of my greatest moments was to read war poetry on the streets of Castleford to highlight the need for humanitarian aid for the victims of the Yugoslavian civil war in 1995, aid which I delivered myself, two years later I would do the same for Kosovo. In 2004 I wrote a poem called African Anguish to highlight the plight of the people of Africa and to criticise the work done by the G8 Countries, it was at the time hailed as my greatest work and sold well providing life saving inoculations for hundreds of African children. In April 2011 using the stage name Trev Cas' Lad, I took part in the Austin International Poetry Festival and Lamesa Forrest Fest before embarking on a tour eventually arriving at to New York and wrote 88 poems with material for even more. 2012: Another American Tour two festivals, (Lamesa Forrest Fest and McAllen Valley International Poetry Festival) and other open mics in Texas writing poems as I travel, a total of 175 so changed my name to Trev the Road Poet and was described by a local newspaper as "A writer of light verse", the Americans loved it. 2013: I hit Texas again covering the same festivals and new open mics at which I was asked to come back in 2014. Again I wrote whilst traveling, 158 with a full total of 160. This time I was only away 19 days. I also was the first UK Poet to read at The Townhouse Museum in Matamoros, Mexico. I also added the title the Rhymey Limey to my list of stage names. 2014: Once more Texas and once more very prolific, breaking new ground, and doing different features I also did voluntary work for Austin Wildlife Rescue and wrote poems about it. I total I wrote 153 and traveled 3885 miles. To date my total tour poems are 578 including those written on the run up, as I believe this stage is as important as the tour itself. 2015: Another tour of Texas for national Poetry Month, again doing voluntary work at Austin Wildlife Rescue. This year I had a poem published in the AIPF anthology Di-verse-ity, took second place in the Lamesa Forrest Fest Peggy Zuliika Lynch Poetry Competition, having two poems published in their anthology and three poems published in the RGVIPF anthology Boundless. The first time I have made all three poetry festivals, and been in all three anthologies. This time I wrote 155 poems bringing my total tour poems since 2011 to 733. I also garnered the nickname, Trev the Minuteman Poet due to my quickness at being able to come up with a poem. 2016 My 6th consecutive Texas tour, same main events this time taking in new fringe events, writing as I travel on what is happening around me. This time I wrote 164 poems and gave talks at schools in deprived areas, which went down well, the students really loved it. It brought my total road poems to 897, but I wasn't prepared for what was waiting at the end of the year when I would travel once more. This time a place I've long wanted to visit, The Holy Land, over 9 days I wrote 50 poems such was the inspiration, which brought my total to 947, and adding yet another name to my list: Trev the Pilgrim Poet reciting poems I written on location of the subject matter. 2017 New Years day and I following inspiration whilst watching the rain wrote my first poem of the year and 5th of my planned Texas tour, which I wrote on a pew sheet at the local church during the vicar's sermon. It is also the year I added another name that of Trev the Radio Poet as I joined 5 Towns Radio, Castleford as a presenter and added poetry events to the community activity promos. My third show coincided with the 33rd anniversary of the Miners Strike, so I themed it as a commemoration of that and the decline of the mining industry with my own and others poetry on the subject, inter spaced with music from colliery bands. On Friday 10th March whilst taking part in Talking Zebras annual Lend us your ears fundraiser for Kirkwood Hospice, I linked together a series of poems written on the way back from Austin Airport to Castleford last year covering the journey in rhyme on 4 minutes and gained a further name "Trev the Flying Poet". Also in 2017 in April I completed a 7th consecutive tour of Texas for National Poetry Month, reaching 1,000 traveling poems and ending with 1,111 to my credit. On August 6th I began a poetry slot called Way With Words on my radio show, a 30 min slot for poets known and unknown to showcase their work and talk about themselves giving an insight to the personality behind the poetry, with help from friend promoting it before the month ended I had the slots booked until the end of the year. In September instead of celebrating National Poetry Day, 5 Towns Radio decided to make a week of it. Word went out and we received over 70 poems to play, I did 4 shows, one of them interviewing myself. At the beginning of October at a new venue it was decided to hold a write a poem and read it in a minute competition on a given theme the first one to be in November, the theme was "Gravy" I wrote mine the night before and to my surprise it won, making me "Cafe Lux Inaugural Poem in a minute winner November 2017, and I wrote a poem about it. I have yet to write my best poem for as someone once said "when that happens it's time to stop" so in the words of Dag Hammarsjold, I'll continue to break new ground. Thank you for reading my profile I hope you enjoy reading the poems too.


I Like (A Yorkshire dialect protest poem) I like to compose poetry On paper it is written If thar don't like it that's tough Wi' grief Ah'll not be smitten Cos when Ah write me poems It's nowt ter do wi' thee Cos' when Ah write 'em Ah'm writtin' 'em fer me Bobbing and Weaving Bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving He went out on the razzle, In his best attire This brave fighter of fire, He hoped the females to dazzle. Bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving Feeling cock a hoop in a female group, He gave one a push and there was a hush As she bounced back and gave him a crack, A right hook to the jaw he fell to the floor Bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving She certainly decked him, They couldn't resurrect him, The tension did mount He was out for the count. No more bobbing and weaving, no more bobbing and weaving To end the game The paramedics came And carried him out to the sound of his mates jeering, While the females rejoiced with the sound of cheering, And cheering and cheering, And cheering and cheering. Golliwogg's Cakewalk Some say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing That there’s all sorts of trouble it may bring But there’s a time in life’s little games When it can shoot a know all down in flames Like when the boss asked wanting to know, What I played on my hospital radio show I said opera, symphonies concertos and more Classics from the adverts, the latest film score The ascending of the lark, Chamber music from Bach Pachelbel’s canon which is not a gun, Then I thought I’d have some fun I wonder did he expect My program to be politically correct When I said I can say “Golliwogg's” and with out doubt, It’s something the PC brigade can do nothing about He said “you can’t” I said “I can” So back and forth the words flew Like the song I can do anything better than you, I said in classic music titles you’ll find it I can say Golliwogg's but I must add cakewalk behind it Then to my delight a guy said “Trev’s right ” When I explained the boss had to concede defeat Cos’ Golliwogg's Cakewalk's a movement from Debussy’s Children’s Corner Suite

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Big Sal

Sat 4th Nov 2017 06:09

Keep writing.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 29th Feb 2012 17:16

How do Trev - sounds like you've had an interesting poetic path! I like the writing of poems for causes too, we could do with more voices spreading messages of unity round the world. Best wishes, Dave

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