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Neil Fawcett

Updated: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 12:48 pm

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I'm a rambler, I'm a rambler from South Manchester way.


past midnight in a wood in the dark by the pass not a sound but the cars and the shift of the leaves at my feet and I walk is the dark and I piss in the dark and I stand in the rise of the steam.

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Friday 05 August 2011

Manchester »

7:30pm at Carver’s Warehouse, 77 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HG, GB

Monday 08 August 2011

Manchester »

7:00pm at 120-122 Grosvenor Street. ., Manchester, M1 7HL, GB

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sale (Trafford) »

7:30pm at Sale Town Centre, Sale (Trafford), M33 7ZF, GB

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Laura Taylor

Wed 24th Oct 2012 09:03

Ohh, I am so sorry to hear that Neil. RIP Rosie.

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Mick Waring

Fri 6th Apr 2012 22:08

Thanks Neil. beech ave is about our first house where a passage ran from the cellar to the middle of the road where the coal was once delivered. 39mil' is the No of plays for the excellent 'hurt' by on utube, I wrote it while listening.

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chris stevenson

Fri 6th Apr 2012 20:52

Hello Neil..thankyou're right..I think the 'cycle' should be birth-reproduction-death-decay .. 'time' is a man-made idea for alarm clocks so you don't miss the bus for work.

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Andy N

Fri 23rd Dec 2011 13:05

You too, Neil... Have a great time... A

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Sun 27th Nov 2011 17:02

Thank you for paying me a visit Neil. Yes - that poem is a fixed favourite even beyond my own family now and I wonder if I'll ever be able to write anything as funny.

I don't think we've ever met - try to make it to the Christmas Tudor on 8th - it should be one worth coming to. x

<Deleted User> (7075)

Wed 23rd Nov 2011 12:35

Hi Neil, Yes. There are a lot of people saying this, this week. In most cases the new pic takes time to losd or in your case only apears in some areas of the site. It is being looked at. Win

<Deleted User> (7075)

Wed 23rd Nov 2011 08:47

Hi Again, Many thanks. Win

<Deleted User> (7075)

Wed 23rd Nov 2011 08:32

Hi Neil. Would you mind replacing the info in your biog and samples sections of your profile please. Many thanks, Win

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Ray Miller

Fri 18th Nov 2011 21:13

Hello Neil. I'm really, really glad if I've helped. That's what we should all try and do, other pairs of eyes and all that. Mind you, I'm sometimes just talking crap, so beware.

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Elaine Booth

Thu 17th Nov 2011 23:51

Neil, thanks so much for your kind comments on "Angel".

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Laura Taylor

Thu 17th Nov 2011 09:23

Eh up - yeh, I am :) Are you?

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Laura Taylor

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 10:35

Morning Neil

Thanks for your note. I'm getting there, but it's all been very 'on top' for a few weeks, one fucking horrible thing after another, and it all kinda battered my head into submission. But - my chi is rising with each day :) I just saw very familiar thought patterns in your poem :)

Next Tudor?

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Laura Taylor

Fri 14th Oct 2011 12:12

Eh up, rather than keep derailing your fab poem, thought I'd reply here.

Ah no worries re Sat - and deffo see you at the next Tudor mate :) Take care

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John Coopey

Thu 13th Oct 2011 13:42

Glad you liked Doing it Twice, Neil. I blogged it some time time ago where I explained that the joke is actually told by an excellent after-dinner speaker called Steve Womack.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 14th Sep 2011 09:35

Thanks Neil - chuffed that you think so :) Hopefully see you at the next Tudor?

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 30th Aug 2011 21:42

D4..E4? hmmm..I am struggling a bit with Changing View..was sposed to be about me finishing work with Learning Dis..thanks for your time Neil..think I may have to go back to the drawing board on this one.mind you ambiguity is not such a bad thing at times :)


Fri 19th Aug 2011 08:32

Hi Neil re: 'Poet's Haunts' much obliged for the comments - appreciated.

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John Togher

Fri 5th Aug 2011 11:31

Oreet Neil,

Hope to see you at The Tudor again next week.

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Amy Houston

Sat 23rd Jul 2011 11:51

Hi Neil, thank you for your comments. How you liking WOL?

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Laura Taylor

Tue 19th Jul 2011 09:16

Hehe - yup, you're learning alright ;)

My other favourite venue is the Butterflies bar in Bolton. Jeff Dawson, aka Jefferama, runs two brilliant nights there - a WOL night, and another called Guitar N Verse. Well worth getting along to either or both if you can. I don't make it along there as often as I'd like cos I live in St Helens and I'm really bloody idle ;) It's a similar sort of 'vibe' though, and Jeff is a top compere!

Profile image

Laura Taylor

Mon 18th Jul 2011 10:40

Aha - so this is where you replied!

Top tip of the day - if you reply on a profile, make it on the profile of the person you are replying to otherwise we won't get an email notification of your reply :)

The Tudor is one of my two favourite venues actually - love the atmosphere in there!

<Deleted User> (7075)

Sun 17th Jul 2011 11:15

Hi Neil , A belated welcome to the site, good to see you are getting stuck in. Winston (Admin)

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Neil Fawcett

Fri 15th Jul 2011 17:06

Hi Laura. Yes it was my first night at The Tudor, I really enjoyed it, what a great pub.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 15th Jul 2011 14:08

Howdy Neil - why thank ya! Good night all round last night wasn't it? I've not seen you before in the Tudor - have you only just joined WOL?

I loved your 'Simon Armitage Lives in Stockport' poem - cracked me up :D

Hope to see you there again next month!

Take care x

<Deleted User> (8286)

Wed 13th Jul 2011 11:57

I love your bio Neil..., Thanks x

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