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Let’s make a pact
let these shadows hold us
swaddled in secrecy
and breathing quickly
I see you draw in close to me
sense those lips loosening
my foundation questioning
the forcefield of your sly grin
and the delicacy of those fingers
upon me

Let’s make a pact
let this moment be our blueprint
to not accept a fading
or a softening of this urgency
I feel that magnetic pull...

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Idle Flame

She came to me with pride
and with her sealed conditions
said she wanted someone she could trust
with a preposition 
to ease her cobwebbed lust

It was cold out there on the avenue
I'd been walking lonely for some way
it was the idleness of her greeting
it was the warmth of the fire within

There was little choice to make
and nothing new to say
just come inside, keep it between
the u...

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an arrangementflamelust

Dark At The End of The Street

Are they fireflies or cigarettes 
darting into the night
in the safety of shadow
your body presses against mine

Touch my chest and you'll feel
there is a space beside my heart
it's there that I detach myself
behind a firewall of truth
none on the other side persists

The things that we do in the dark...
I have lived so many years of my life
with the dark at the end of the s...

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darkhidden deedslustshadows

Cooling Towers

entry picture

Parking the car
out by the cooling towers
breathe the quiet in
lit by the moon
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those sad miles behind me...

Remember when we were nineteen
kissing in the back seat
tucked into the kerb
lit by our lust
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those mad miles behind me...

When we were nineteen
everything was a fire
everything was flame
but everyt...

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Notes From Underground

The whole of life cowers in a shadow
as I sprawl undone on the leather sofa
those lingering promises blown apart
their bloodstained shards 
decorate my mind

O beauty, beauty
you'll be the death of me
I say nothing when I hear you speak
I hear nothing but my voice saying
'give yourself to me'

And you can choose not to remember
you can opt not to partake in recollecting
but the guilt...

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Thrill of the Compass Spin

The fizz, the ghostly drag
invisible hands guiding these wanton bodies
I feel my compass spin
drawn in endless circles

Can I claim it as the artist’s curse
the love for new adventure
the pleasure of magnetic hearts
freshly spinning so close to us
whipping the iron filings of our creativity
into some explosive blur
a manifest black energy

But is it a curse at all
the thrill of the c...

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