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kimberly on CONFUSED (Mon, 27 Jan 2020 05:55 am)

Vautaw on CONFUSED (Mon, 27 Jan 2020 04:34 am)


I didn't ask for this.

I didn't ask to show me a glimpse of happiness. 

I didn't ask to show me how love could feel. 

But now, 14 days into the new year I got to experience it. 


I got to experience the butterflies.

I got to experience a genuine smile. 

I got to experience what fate looked like. 

What destiny felt like. 


I was happy. 

I was giddy. 

I was hope...

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Mama Called Me Destructive

Do you believe in karma?

I sure do           

I believe that true happiness does not exist

Because of the way I treated you


They say to love your mom

She’s the only one you got

And once she’s gone

You’ll regret the times you fought


She said I wouldn’t amount to anything

Because of the optimistic views I held

She said that one da...

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