I didn't ask for this.

I didn't ask to show me a glimpse of happiness. 

I didn't ask to show me how love could feel. 

But now, 14 days into the new year I got to experience it. 


I got to experience the butterflies.

I got to experience a genuine smile. 

I got to experience what fate looked like. 

What destiny felt like. 


I was happy. 

I was giddy. 

I was hopeful. 


A feeling I've never felt authetnically. 

I feeling that I felt like I deserved. 

A feeling that lasted only 4 hours. 


I was hopeful, that I will experience this again. 

That I will see you again. 

Even if it was only for one more night. 

I felt that I at least deserved that much. 


But I guess not. 

At least not for now. 


Why did we even meet? 

Our paths did not need to cross. 

But it did and it's over. 

Well played. 


Universe 1, Me 0 




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Mon 27th Jan 2020 05:55

I'll take the random moments of drowning in love just so I can remember the awesome feeling of loving and being loved, no matter how brief and how much heartache is involved.

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Mon 27th Jan 2020 04:34

Love this. We often don't understand encounters until hindsight sheds some light. But, for a fleeting moment, hope reigned supreme and life had a surreal meaning. Perhaps, that's reason enough. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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