Mama Called Me Destructive

Do you believe in karma?

I sure do           

I believe that true happiness does not exist

Because of the way I treated you


They say to love your mom

She’s the only one you got

And once she’s gone

You’ll regret the times you fought


She said I wouldn’t amount to anything

Because of the optimistic views I held

She said that one day I’d feel her pain

Because of all the times I refused to help


But she doesn’t know

That the life I’m building is for her not me

She taught me to be dependent on myself

And never let others hear me plea


I won’t lie. I do conceal my feelings

Wearing a different mask each day

But that’s not because of trust or worry

But because of fear

I fear that once she sees the real me

I’d scare her away


She needs to know that the life I constructed

Is a reflection of not me but her

Although I may seem distant

Looking in the mirror I see not my face but hers


So before you criticize and call the path I’m on destructive

Just be aware of one thing

I’m walking this “destructive path”

Because it’s the only path that she has paved




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