Search for your goal

The mind is a very precious thing,
Makes one man scream and another man sing,
If you have a good heart and a good soul,
Then you will surely find your goal,
However big your goal may be,
Somehow soon you will see all the beauty in this land,
We will help each other hand in hand,
Serve your friends well and watch evil go to hell,
Make paradise on earth,
The truth for you,
And there will not be many that deserve it,
Only a few, singing and dancing,
Will clean your mind, will give you joy,
That you can believe you can find,
Be your own God and cleanse your mind,
Get rid of all negativity and make yourself sane,
There is no limit to happiness,
And that's a fact and create your own beautiful brain juices,
That you have always lacked,
Find it within yourself and you won't be left on the shelf.

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