Set out at birth

Simplify your life and be rid of all your stress,
Try not to worry if your head is in a mess,
If someone isn't nice to you friend, family or foe,
Then find a way of letting them go,
You have more strength than you believe,
So when you are rid of them you will never grieve,
Be happy and free and you will light up like a Christmas tree,
When you find yourself content,
Then you will need people; Ladies and gents,
Your friendships will go around this earth
and your life however painful has been set out at birth,
If you've found a lot of pain in the past if you preserver,
You will find paradise that will always last,
You'll be out of the dark and into the light,
But you must never give in without a fight,
No pain no gain is what they say,
So keep your brain juices flowing everyday.

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