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Final Farewell

My Darling,

You hold so much sadness in your eyes 

I can almost touch the scars of your soul and cry 

The twin flame I once saw in you 

Turned into a stranger 

Whom my heart cannot recognise 

Someone I never knew 

Thinking of life without you 

Makes me feel as though 

I will never see summertime again 

And the coldness of an eternal winter fills me with woe

No matt...

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Monster in the Mirror

They say that twin flames go through periods of separation

And this I know to be true 

For you were right, we did need this time apart 

However, I am praying it doesn’t last 

I needed to discover me and you needed to discover you 

Because even though we are one, our souls have still been split in two 

And we needed to work on ourselves separately

In order to reunite anew 


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Whispers of Woe

Ye Universe heal my heart

For my grief is tearing me apart 

Why can’t everyone see I’m trying 

They only pay attention when I’m crying 

I’ve had such a hard life as it is 

When will I ever get to experience bliss 

For all I have ever known is pain 

To be told I only have myself to blame 

What did I ever do so wrong

To deserve a life so tortured and so long 

Is despair...

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