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Whispers of Woe

Ye Universe heal my heart

For my grief is tearing me apart 

Why can’t everyone see I’m trying 

They only pay attention when I’m crying 

I’ve had such a hard life as it is 

When will I ever get to experience bliss 

For all I have ever known is pain 

To be told I only have myself to blame 

What did I ever do so wrong

To deserve a life so tortured and so long 

Is despair my ultimate fate 

Is my salvation really too late

I have travelled to the other side 

Those who know me know this is no lie 

I have crossed behind the veil 

Only to return and have it hail 

Nobody believes me that I am loved 

They say it’s all just a rouse or a bluff

But is it wrong to hope for the best?

To me it’s weak to walk away with regrets

I rather be burned and know I tried 

Then have regrets my entire life 

I am resilient enough and I am strong 

To put myself back together if again I am wronged 

Yet it’s so hard when no one cares 

I have no support system and it’s not fair 

To face the burden of this life alone 

When I have already been through so much on my own

Surely I can’t be the only one who really sees 

The pure soul hiding inside of me

I am not like others my soul is old 

So many stories to never be told 

Of all the lives I had once known 

Still I remain hopeless and alone 

How many mistakes must I make 

Before I can stay inside heaven’s gate?

As they were right, I wasn't loved 

For him I'll never be enough 

Or good the way I am

He doesn't care for me and I don't understand 

I said it was weak to walk away 

But perhaps I’m weak for wanting to stay 

With someone who doesn’t love me 

Holding on to something that will never be

Despite my efforts he’s still won 

Playing his games, repeating what he’s done 

Breaking my trust and taunting like it’s fun 

A man like this will never know 

Just how bad he’s hurt me so 

And if he does, he doesn’t care 

Remorse or sympathy he does not share 

And the pain is getting too much to bear

The storm is hitting too heavy to continue to wear 

When he came back he said he would change 

But instead, he’s only stayed the same 

For which he tells me I only have myself to blame 

I don’t understand why he came back 

Only to present me with everything he still lacks 

When I was learning to be happy on my own 

I was finally ready to face this world alone 

But I fell for his promises and for his lies 

Unknowingly leading me to my own demise 

For I still loved him with all of my heart 

Only for him to tear me apart 

But this time was worse as I knew better 

I was holding on to what I once treasured 

A version of a man that didn’t exist 

For his old ways he can never seem to quit 

What’s worse is that when he came back everyone told me no 

They knew this would happen but I didn’t believe them so 

I cut ties with those I cherished 

Only for myself to perish

Maybe this is what I deserve for deserting the ones 

Who only wanted my happiness and would never lead me wrong 

For I may forgive him, but they could never for what he’s done 

To be betrayed again I feel ashamed 

I knew better and I only have myself to blame 

Hope can be a terrible thing 

Leading to delusion with a terrible sting 

For we are both Scorpios but I would not 

Do what he did or has he forgot 

It hurts me to see him hurting or even lost 

Six months have gone for more of the same 

Pain he’s given me and he’s not even to blame 

For I knew the risks and I loved him still 

All the while he only seeks thrills 

I want to cry but instead I will write 

I want to scream but he’s taken my fight 

I want to sleep but I’m lying awake at night 

Begging God to heal my heart 

But instead, he gives me words in the form of art 

To try and keep me from falling apart

And to express my pain as poetry instead 

Until most of these heavy emotions have fled 

And free me from the words which remain unsaid

To love someone who doesn’t care 

To never experience a love shared 

Is such a terrible burden to bear 

To feel so deeply is a curse

For I can’t imagine anything worse 

Then a life of loneliness and being misunderstood 

And doing things for people who never would 

Do the same for you in return 

Only to be hurt when you learn 

Not everyone in this world has the same heart as you 

And not everyone’s love will always be true 

Despite how much you love and do for them 

You will find your limits reach no end

Which will only lead you to bend 

Your own values and morals in the name of love 

But real love to me should be none of the above 

For love should bring peace rather than pain 

And not put your heart in strain 

Making all your sacrifices in vain 

True love then I never knew 

As his words and actions were never true 

Everyone was right and I was wrong 

He has remained the same all along

And perhaps in grief is where I belong.



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