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Does anyone know?

What does anyone know of my rebelliousness,

my tears of blood,

of the wounds of my thoughts?


What does anyone know

if my heart is a dreary and deep space,

if it is perfect or imperfect,

or a chaos of mirages?


What does anyone know

if my weeping has long strands,

whether my days are electric or serene,

or if I live an autumn of orphanhood?


Does anyone...

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My tears

In silence my tears whisper agonizing words


Tears that have names, faces,

wounds saturated with lies;

the ignored pain of indifference

that becomes ungrateful before my eyes

nullifying what I wish to achieve...


It's not like I crossed this threshold because I wanted to,

it’s the false truth of a world of injustice,

sinking in a mud of mirage,

in indolence…



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Human misery

I’m an abject, because the helmsman of our homeland says so,

while into turbulent waters he leads us


I’m wicked, because the helmsman of our homeland says so

and without hesitation makes the ship tumble

and with an uncertain course will capsize it


I’m a scoundrel, because the helmsman of our homeland says it

while behind an alibi he shields himself

and when the truth...

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Injusticeimpotencedream of freedom

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