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Does anyone know?

What does anyone know of my rebelliousness,

my tears of blood,

of the wounds of my thoughts?


What does anyone know

if my heart is a dreary and deep space,

if it is perfect or imperfect,

or a chaos of mirages?


What does anyone know

if my weeping has long strands,

whether my days are electric or serene,

or if I live an autumn of orphanhood?


Does anyone...

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They erected a cross

With gloom I express what I can, 

not to do so will cause the demise of my soul;

sadness lacerates me like a dancing whip


To describe the incomprehensible in words is not easy,

to explain it is complicated,

to make it understandable is more difficult


People are slowly eliminated,

they agonize on a cross that has been erected for them;

hunger and disease spreads


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Injusticepainlack of freedomindifference

With his hands stained with blood

Mr. Maduro, I am enveloped and driven by a superb energy and leave you a message, on behalf of millions of angry hearts, a simple message: We want you to go away!

All of this has been more than enough. We are tired of your evilness, your abuses, your cynicism, your humiliations and want you to know that we are all swathed with your "mistakes". We demand to return to the Venezuela that our paren...

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