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My struggle is silent, but becoming obvious

In plain sight

I try to find the words to match my thoughts

Yet my tounge gets twisted 

Sometimes I wave my flag before I even attempt

Alienated by my own mind

I lie with my tounge to avoid the words I could not find

My mind paints the most vivid picture 

My hands write like a stenrograhper

Yet I struggle

I get so overwhelme...

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I suited up

Camouflage, boots, armor, and ammunition 

I went in

A heart on my sleeve, hoping it would go unseen

Camouflaged behind the wall that was built on the battlefield 

Boots laced up ready to flee anything that tried to overcome me 

Armor in place to deflect harm

Ammunition locked and ready for retalltion 

Yet this battlefield I was not prepared for

It was like no...

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Im closing my eyes 

In hopes of waking up to a new tomorrow 

A new days of dreams that have seemed intangible 

A refreshed frame of mind 

A new thought process

A positive attitude and new outlook on life 

Hoping to wake up to step outside with my best foot forward

Opening my eyes to new horizons which go above and beyond 

Waking up wanting to feel like the sensational pheno...

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To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern

I'm tired of labels and non labels

I'm tired of unequality

Tired of politics, laws , and all the rules that have come along

Tired of arithmetic where nothing adds up but yet being expected to measure up to something coming from nothing 

In school I was taught the zero has no value, yet most things of this world are at zero

Minimum wage, financial aid, my pa...

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