I suited up

Camouflage, boots, armor, and ammunition 

I went in

A heart on my sleeve, hoping it would go unseen

Camouflaged behind the wall that was built on the battlefield 

Boots laced up ready to flee anything that tried to overcome me 

Armor in place to deflect harm

Ammunition locked and ready for retalltion 

Yet this battlefield I was not prepared for

It was like nothing I had ever seen

The opposing threat came at me aggressively 

My camo did nothing

I got spotted 

But the look in his eye was of one whom maybe intrigued 

Confiusion took over 

I stumbled from the piercing looks

These boots I thought were gonna make me run at the speed of light got me stuck 

Laced knotted together glued to floor

I now relied what was left 

There I stood  still as could be

My heart was beating crazy scared of what was to happen to me

I felt my heart start skipping beats

I clenched my chest thinking i was gonna have a heart attack 

Praying lord let this armor and ammunition protect me

I got a good look at my opponent and his artillery 

As I looked upon him, trying to figure him out and thinking why me

The opponent struck and shot me

There was no amount of armour that could have helped me

I felt faint, weak, and my vision became blury

With the last bit of my strength I attempted to retaliate 

My shooter grabbed my hand as i reached for my granade to throw

That shooter had the sweetest most angelic voice as he spoke to me and took my grenade away

He said to me I am here for you

I am patient 

I am kind 

I am gentle 

I come in peace

I adore you

This battlefield and this war is not necessary 

He came for me

I felt the sincerity 

He helped me up as quickly as he had knocked me off my feet with fear

But the fear was gone and replaced with a warm feel

I felt a high like no other

He grabbed my hand and my suit disappeared

We gazed at one another this time both with intriguing eyes

I forgot all about the battlefield 

I gave up on war

For I had won unknowingly 

My opponent choose to waive his white flag and I surrendered 

I had fallen on the field and his arms at the same time

I asked him for his name

How could one be so kind, so charming, patient, and all that he said

I had to know

Then he told me his name

And he told me I am here, there, and anywhere you believe, I  have great power

His name even sounded sweet 

So sweet i couldn't get the taste off my lips after saying it


As I repeated it he hushed my lips and said to me I may not always be seen but I will be there 

He said catch me in the wind and disappeared

But his presence never left




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