Im closing my eyes 

In hopes of waking up to a new tomorrow 

A new days of dreams that have seemed intangible 

A refreshed frame of mind 

A new thought process

A positive attitude and new outlook on life 

Hoping to wake up to step outside with my best foot forward

Opening my eyes to new horizons which go above and beyond 

Waking up wanting to feel like the sensational phenomenal woman I am

Opening my mouth to speak greatness and grace the world with my wisdom

But I have to close my eyes first

I must dream the dream of all dreams

I want to dream like MLK once did

Make a wish on a star as if i were in fairytale

I want to close my eyes and refuel and dream so big I never want to wake up

Only to wake with a sense of hope in this god given creation i live on is mine for the taking

I will awaken a new and greater me with ambition and the secret to life

I will awaken to spread the joy of life

But I must first rest these weary eyes

Cross my T's, dot my I's, and pray onto my creater to give me the full vision of life in which I dream

For life is nothing with a dream

◄ To whom it may concern

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