Office Dance.

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I  look  up   she  looks  away , she  looks  up , I  look  away
We  cannot  carry  on  this  way , same  old  dance  from  day  to  day.

She  starts  to  speak,  I  interrupt, I  start  to  speak, she interrupts
Both  drinking from this broken cup, too complicated to say I need you .

I  start  to move, she moves  away,  she starts  to move, I  move  away
In  a  tragic  stance  I  will  not  now  move ,  she  will not  move
But  moves  away .

She  starts  to  hold  me, I  break  away,  I  start  to  hold  her,  
She  breaks  away ,
We  interpret  looks  in  different  ways,  she  thinks  I’m  going,
I  think  she’ll  stay ,
I  think  she’s   going ,  she  thinks  I’ll  stay.
The  door is open , she’s going  to leave,  the  door is  closing,
I’m  going to  leave
Your  complicated  eyes  are  on  the  road,  my troubled  indecision  
Repels  your  hand,  I’m  far  too  old   to  understand.

She  looks  down,  I  look  away,  I  look  down,  she  looks  away
We  cannot  go  on  this  way,  same looking  down  from  day  to  day  ,  
complicated  indecisions  made ,
Complex  thoughts  running  astray
Silences  side  by  side
Crossroads  where  I  cannot  hide
Lets  meet  again
Some  other  day.





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John Coopey

Fri 7th Dec 2012 16:15

Enjoyed this, Mick.
Better for being spoken over the backtrack.
On another front - a word to the wise. Try Lynx.

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