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A trapped mind wanders aimlessly

Circles the perimeters of its confines

Desperately searching through the bars

Yearning to escape but never daring the door.


Inside, a prison known

Outside, illusionary freedom

An overused concept

Abused more than hope

The mind hopes for freedom

Yet flinches at the thought

Anxious, overly-cautious and afraid.


The humble mind is conscious

Aware and awake to the fact of its slow demise

Staying withers its essence

Weathers its substance

To a thoughtless drone

A lesser clone of its former self

Still clinging to the walls

Their cold touch soothing in familiarity.


Eyes steal a glance beyond the steel once more

Rapidly they flit


But never settling

No sight enticing enough to lure the mind away.


Being is not enough if not well

It knows

It lies to itself that the jail of its making

Is not a prison but a safe

Protection and guarantee

But still not free

And so trapped

The mind wanders aimlessly

And furtively wonders of release.

◄ Trapped (Bored Again)

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