Perfect Indian Daughter

I cannot be the

Perfect Indian daughter

You wish for

Long skirts and

Full sleeves and

Hair braided back and

Bangles and necklaces and

Collarbones covered

Don’t talk back

Serve the men first

Speak quietly

Or not at all

I am not that child

I have thoughts

And I yell

And I wear t-shirts and v-necks and shorts

(Not too short)

And I eat, I don’t serve, serve yourself

They ask me

What boy will marry you

You can’t cook roti or dosa

I say

No one will marry me, grandmother

I will live alone with 4 cats

And I will be happy

Without a husband or children

For as long as I like

Mother says

I will find you a good husband

She smiles and her smile says

It’s ok, don’t make them mad

Don’t rock the boat

Just nod and say


◄ I know why (you cry)


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Sat 17th Oct 2020 21:07

Thank you Cynthia and Jennifer!

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jennifer Malden

Sun 14th Jun 2020 10:40

It must be difficult for daughters like you! You don't want to disappoint your parents, whom presumably you love, but their idea of a woman's life is not yours, obviously. Far too passive. Good idea about the cats!
The poem expresses the problems very clearly!


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 13th Jun 2020 12:42

Brutally honest, and brilliantly written.

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