Walking through

The halls of this house

(of your youth)

Under blankets of weight

The heat, the heaviness

(the memories)

Why do my hands shake

Like I can still hear

Their voices, their footsteps

(the anger, the sadness)


Like a puppet on a string

(docile, weak child)

I am pulled

Into closets

Blurry dreams


Are forced into focus

(do not forget us)


I ache to leave

(stay, stay, stay)

The dust, the dark, the empty

(the heat, the voices, the music)

Is too much

I run away



Stop on the porch steps

Half in, half out

The music outside sings

Of forgiveness

Yet strains of dissonant chords

Echo from inside

I was a child here

(you belong here)

Left my bruises and tears here

(you left us)


I am strong enough

(docile, weak child)

To turn my back

(like you turned your back to us)

I have healed the cracks

In my foundation

This house will not haunt me

You cannot hurt me

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