For the Best

Fleeting is what friendship is

It is seldom that it lasts

The people who impact us the most

Are people we leave in the past


Benches, empty benches

Are what fill a lonely life

Once surrounded by joy

Lost now to heartache and strife


Footsteps trail up a road

And never return back

Because what drives us away

Is a bond beginning to crack


Remember me, we think

Before turning away

But we both know that time

Will lead our minds astray


Years pass, memories fade

Leaving nothing but a picture frame

I called for you in my heart

And in my mind you came


Cold air slides between my fingers

Reminding me of the life I left

I cannot keep lying to myself

Saying that it was for the best


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Cold Day in July ►


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kishore karunik

Mon 21st May 2018 17:42

very good

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