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Snapping twigs beneath my chilled toes

Each pebble each stick pains my bare feet

This forest is rough and it surely knows

Of its unseeable and dangerous defeat


The moon shines weakly throughout the night

Granting a minimal amount of visible light

Dead trees I saw black branches about

There is no sign of life that is no doubt


I continue my journey with great caution

As I make my way through this invisible land

I reach for some guidance or perhaps a helping hand


I am lost I am tired 

My hope has truly expired


◄ Night is blinding


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Sara Fowler

Fri 17th Oct 2014 08:51

Thanks man!

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Fri 17th Oct 2014 07:25

Vibe is the better way to say it actually

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Fri 17th Oct 2014 07:25

Wow, the imagery was great in this, I was picturing the woods the whole time. I feel the same way, I actually just posted a poem with the same rhythm as this.

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