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New Year, No New News

It’s New Years Eve, the last day of twenty, twenty one
This time last year, we were hoping Covid would soon be gone

One year forward and the news is very much the same
Covid still makes the headlines a new variant is to blame 

We pinned our hopes on the vaccine to bring an end at last
But the rates are rising, it’s spreading across the nation, fast 

Infection rates are at their highest...

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One of my favourite things to see 
is the unique shape of a red kite 
Gliding on the wind currents above 
they make such a magnificent  sight

When I see them I am mesmerised 
as I watch them float, soar, swoop and dart 
Their haunting calls are just beautiful
a real treat for the eyes, ears and heart

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Testing Times

It was that strange time
they named it Twixmas
Just before New Year
just after Christmas 

Not much going on
news wasn’t the best 
All about Covid
and the lack of tests

Across the country
north, south, east and west
No chance of finding
a lateral flow test

Signs up on windows
no tests now in store
Don’t know when or if
we’ll get any more

Due to high demand
for these covid t...

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Veil Of Grey

Thick fog has descended 
across the land below
Laying a veil of grey 
opaque, heavy and low

My imagination  
runs riot in my mind 
A perfect hideaway
creatures lurking behind

The once familiar views
seem alien to me
Previously clear paths 
full of uncertainty

But soon the fog will lift 
all will be clear and bright
The gloom will blow away
as we welcome the light 

photo cre...

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The days in between Christmas 
and the start of the New Year
Eating all the leftovers 
drinking up the wine and beer

Time spent just hanging around 
seeing family and friends 
Exchanging unwanted gifts
sale shopping with Christmas spends 

Lazy days away from work 
watching old films on TV
Nothing important to do
nowhere essential to be

Relaxing with a good book
or jigsaw to tax ...

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Christmas Robin

Christmas morning is here at last
but there’s no sign of snow today
Instead it’s rather blustery
overcast, dull and cloudy grey 

Robin comes to eat his breakfast
an image we all love to see
The little inquisitive bird 
with a huge personality  

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Christmas Eve Hangover

It’s Christmas Eve afternoon 
all the peeling and chopping is done
My head hurts from too much wine 
the price paid for having too much fun

I hope to feel better soon
I couldn’t feel much worse, I don’t think
I really should know by now 
when to say no to that one last drink!

So cheers and happy Christmas  
I think I’ll leave off the wine tonight 
All I want for Christmas is…. 
to w...

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Winter Woodscape (is that even a word)

A woodland shrouded in winter mist
engulfed in a gothic cloak 
The air is dank and gloomy
a scene blurred by the fireless smoke 

As they rise to the heavens above
tall trees cast sinister shapes 
Beautifully dark and mysterious 
supernatural woodscape  

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter solstice 
things only get brighter from here
Shorter nights and longer days 
as the promise of Summer draws near

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Christmas Cheer And All The Best For The New Year (repost)

high upon
our tree A
guiding light
for Santa to see
We hope and pray he
finds our home this way
and we wake to find gifts
on Christmas Day A star shines
bright on Christmas Night A guiding
light for the reindeers in flight We
hope and pray you find Christmas
cheer and...

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I really don’t know why 
seeing ducks makes me smile
Whenever I get chance 
I watch them for a while

Their loud quacking chatter 
makes an amusing sound 
They look so comical 
as they waddle around 

These ducks will never know
how much pleasure they bring
Just going about their day 
doing their own thing 

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December Moon

White frosted roof tops
glisten in the bright moonlight 
The garden shimmers 
despite the blackness of night

The full moon is high 
casting a soft pearlescent glow 
Transforming the dark
into a glittering show 

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December Delight

Rising in a pale blue sky
the bright iridescent moon 
Skeleton trees reflecting 
in the tranquil river Lune

A calm and peaceful moment 
in the magical twilight 
A mid December evening
gifts us this delightful sight

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Speedo Mick

Congratulations Speedo Mick
your fund raising trek is complete 
Two thousand five hundred miles walked 
over six months, is no mean feat

But you did it in your own way
in true Evertonian style  
Wearing only your blue speedos
a fur hat and a cheery smile

Well done on your Giving Back Tour
helping many along the way
Such a fantastic achievement 
enjoy your well earned rest today 

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Here You Come Again (Bolly Partyon)

Here you come again
Just when we’ve begun to get ourselves together
You waltz back through the door
Just like you've done before
And mess with our lives a little longer 
Here you come again
Just when we were looking forward to life without you
You creep back in under a brand new disguise 
And soon we’re wondering will we ever be done with you
all you do is change your covid style 
And th...

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Just for fun

Christmas Past, Present and Future

It is the week before Christmas
and I’m feeling a little down 
Covid is still making the news
there’s a new variant in town 

They have named it Omicron
pronounced in many different ways
We should know how to say it now
it’s all we’ve heard about for days 

It’s spreading across the nation 
cases doubling over night 
Everyone needs to get boosted 
to stand a chance to win this fight


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Molten Lava Skies

The early morning is set ablaze

by this glorious Winter sunrise

Hue of volcanic motel lava

erupt and ripple across the skies


The sheer drama is phenomenal

in magical moments such as these

Colours change with every second

then drift away on the chilly breeze

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Picture Perfect

A cold, clear start to the day
birdsong carries on the breeze 
The bright sun a centrepiece 
framed by tall, skeleton trees

The lake is like a millpond 
still waters reflect the skies
A picture perfect postcard 
of this December sunrise

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Brighter Days

A brief break from the storm

fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies

Nature brings a rainbow

which gifts us this lovely surprise


Storm Barra blows back in

the sky turns back to shades of greys

This brief moment in time

reminds us all of brighter days


Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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The Star Of The Show

In a week of stormy weather 
nature gifts us the greatest shows
Bare branches and trees dance and sway 
in the buffeting, gusty blows

The wild wind plays a symphony
drumstick twigs scatter on the ground 
The grumbling storm rumbles on
to the tune of the thrumming sound 

We take the best seats in the house
wrapped up indoors, warm and cosy 
A brave Robin takes centre stage
the ringma...

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Bah Humbug

Getting ready for Christmas 
feels a bit different this year
I’m feeling rather humbug
and not so full of festive cheer

Gift shopping is such a drag
putting the decks up is a chore
I’m finding the preparations 
a bit of a dreary bore 

I’m hoping by next weekend 
I will be in a better mood
Looking forward to the big day
and stuffing myself with food

I’m wishing by Christmas Eve 

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Just for fun

Three Is A Crowd

On realising three is a crowd
the male mandarin duck takes flight
I’m sure with those handsome good looks 
he won’t be on his own tonight

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Christmas At Blenheim

We spent a magical morning 
visiting Blenheim Palace once more
The tale of the Nutcracker Prince 
recreated in festive decor 

As we entered the Palace
the spectacle took our breath away 
Extravagant and exuberant 
a wondrous and lavish display

We followed the story of Clara
delighted by the enchanting sights 
Blown away by the amazing sets
dazzled by the twinkling lights

The fair...

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Christmas Fair 2021

A special day for Kirkby Lonsdale
on the first Saturday of December
When Father Christmas comes to visit
a tradition to treasure and remember

Santa rides in a horse drawn carriage
he waves his wand at the unlit trees
One by one the tree lights switch on
he has magical power, everyone agrees

Crowds line up on narrow pavements
jostle for the perfect place to stand
Wait impatiently for ...

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Today’s Show

The lake reflecting like a looking glass  
shimmering under the golden glow 
A flurry of wild birds singing their songs
the opening theme of todays show 

The majestic sun is slowly rising
like a King from his regal chair 
Bringing a sense of fairytale magic 
an eerie mist hangs in the air

Bare boned trees appear as dormant giants
like a Princess soundly sleeping 
Whilst Mother Nature...

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Morning Walk

Morning walk
idle talk
chilly breeze
fallen trees
sheep grazing  
cows lazing
footprint tracks
tasty snacks 
rusty hues 
muddy shoes
melting snow
rosy glow
friendly dogs
icy bogs
frosty ground
distant sound
clear sky blues
valley views
dry stone walls
wild bird calls
squawking crows
neat hedgerows 
morning write
all things bright 
…. and beautiful


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First Of December Disappointment

It’s the first of December 
and I’m feeling a little down 
I should be on my way by now 
down to good old London Town

Last year I won some gig tickets 
along with a signed CD
It was good to have a date booked
in my empty diary 

But today I’m not on my way 
as I can no longer attend 
I’m not heading to London Town
to see that concert with my friend 

Everything happens for a reason...

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