(Another overdue piece.) 


Isolation has its perks

For example; I've begun to make friends with the stars, when they decide to show their faces that is.

Now that this sweater weather is about over I'm able to dream in color.

Picking up hints of green wherever I go

It's a stale world from my point of view, everyone and everything I see is devoid of substance.

I wanted growth but I only know death, now as life finds its way back into the world so should I.

Spending time in my lonesome has turned me into a daydream believer, anticipating far greater things.

Soon, I tell myself. Someday soon

The snow took its time to melt while I watched from a dirty window frame and once again I felt myself fall into the same rhythm of pity yet again. 

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Matilda Simakaj

Fri 2nd Jun 2023 11:56

Thank you Elizabeth!
I think if we don't dare to dream we are condemned to feel the rhythm of other's mind story!
''The same rhythm of pity yet again'' brought tears to my eyes...

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 2nd Jun 2023 07:03

Thanks Jordyn.
I think being "a daydream believer" is an essential part of the creative process.

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