Self Love

It’s been more than a while,

Where I haven’t had to fake this wonderful smile.

I can feel deep inside a beautiful light,

That I know is shining ever so bright.

I now know what I have to gain,

As happiness showers on me like thundering rain.

I see no reason to feel angry and blue,

Because I know this exciting feeling is true.

I feel it in me, it’s not to cover my emotions,


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The Days To Ponder

I’ve had plenty of time to sit and think,

From when you made the decision to make my heart sink.

Things just don’t seem nor feel right,

I don’t even know what’s worth the fight.

What happened between us is definitely done,

And all feelings I felt towards you?

Don’t worry because now there is none.

Love is nothing but a trigger,

To make you feel like things in life just may ...

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I lived and learned through every mistake,

And learned whoever may cross my path is more than likely fake.

To build up the courage to trust,

And to be screwed over that trust can easily disappear into nothing but dust.

Don’t let the eyes deceive,

Because they will be the reason that you grieve.

Everyone will pretend to be your friend,

And be nothing but an enemy in the end,


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One not to mess with

When I first seen you I knew you were a thot basically a whore

So here I go poisonous words out of my mouth I will pour

Behind my back you will talk shit

And in may face speak only a little bit.

Honey don’t get this confused, I’ll smack the ever living shit out of you.

I’m a fighter not a lover

I’m Ronda Rousey undercover.

You don’t wanna mess with me

With your pussy ass I’...

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