The Days To Ponder

I’ve had plenty of time to sit and think,

From when you made the decision to make my heart sink.

Things just don’t seem nor feel right,

I don’t even know what’s worth the fight.

What happened between us is definitely done,

And all feelings I felt towards you?

Don’t worry because now there is none.

Love is nothing but a trigger,

To make you feel like things in life just may be bigger.

In the end it leaves you to be torn apart,

Yes, believe that your heart was pierced with a devils dart.

It’s not something you expect or want to fall into,

And no matter how much we get hurt, it’s something we still do.

Love is not something that we choose,

But something that we can easily lose.

People may watch you cry and whine,

But know that they are ever so blind.

They think they know what went on,

But they don’t know that every good part of you is gone.

They don’t understand it’s all that runs through your mind,

Because love for you, is more than hard to find.

You wish you could wake up feeling happy,

No more hard feelings nor feeling sappy.

The best word to describe you is selfish,

Forgetting you is by far my biggest wish.

Loving you was one huge mistake,

Knowing that you turned out to be more than fake.

Towards you, both love and hate are things that I feel,

And the amount I have towards you is more than real.

I don’t know why I continue to write about this,

Especially knowing that your ignorance is bliss.

For some reason I can’t write about things that make me glad,

But things that make me feel furiously mad.

I need to make sure that I set time away,

For myself to sit aside and pray.

I can feel my anger literally driving me insane,

Which creates more of this exotic pain.

I can feel my heart literally break,

Who would think, maybe I had been pierced with a stake.

I wish I could have someone who equally wants us to be together,

And is willing to make it through any kind of weather.

Sunny, cloudy, or rain,

Just to know that in the end, love is all we have to gain.

Someone to give me hope,

And help me when I need to cope.

Two broke pieces don’t make a whole,

But having two that are complete is my definite goal.

Being able to have someone to lean on,

And who will maybe even miss me when I’m gone.

Someone who will sit with me and eat Taco Bell,

Someone who had caught me when I fell.

Maybe willing to cuddle whenever,

And someone who will lie to me never.

Most of all someone who will just keep it real,

It sounds like a fair enough deal.

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