I hate speed

Licence to kill, not a thrill

There is no need,  for any kind of speed

Wanker Bankers thrive on it

Arrogant tossers delight in it

Put them on a treadmill to charge batteries

Take away their car keys for life

Coppers should set an example

Instead of speeding at every opportunity

One law for them, another for the lower orders

Cars are murderous machines

Dont you dare ever forget it  !!

◄ singing the same old song


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Andy N

Thu 9th Jul 2015 16:52

totally, totally joe.

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joe kozarzewski

Sun 5th Jul 2015 17:19

I am getting on in years somewhat. I sometimes get jostled by rude people intent on speeding past me. As to the police and their intentions, when I called them, at a major police station 300yards distant, some years ago, it took them 3 hours to answer the call, to prevent a serious robbery taking place. Of course by the time they came the robbers had buggared off. The only reasons why police should speed is if there is a murder being committed, a robbery with violence or the like and finally a bad accident [although by speeding they cause more accidents] The public in need !!!! [ironic] The reference to the other 'speed' has reminded me of a 'Canned Heat' song speed can kill you too babe 1970's. The likes of Jeremy Clarkson, the daft, and his obsessions; you can't get more contemptible !! In a recent case in Rochdale a man was jailed for just 6 years for smashing into another car and killing the driver. Despite a large petition to increase the sentence it was upheld. You can probably tell from this addendum to my rant, I am not a fan of cars especially those that go fast, when they don't need to.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 4th Jul 2015 12:55

The force of this proposal is hard to resist - until you
understand that the "murderous machine" is, in fact, the
idiot behind the steering wheel and accelerator pedal.
Like many other things, the car is a "tool" designed to
provide a useful service for its user. However, "markone man" (as defined by an ex-SAS acquaintance) can spoil
the party by behaviour that defies belief in rational
thinking. Finally, from my experience, coppers don't speed
at every opportunity. Traffic conditions make that a most
unattractive proposition at the best of times. They go
at speed when the public are in need. Dah-dah-dah-dah.

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