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Unhealed Heart

I saw people in love and I gagged

I congratulate myself for not throwing up

Though the realization saddened me

It signalled the beginning of an end

I was becoming tolerant to love again

What a tragedy for a heart not yet healed!



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When Somebody Loves You

When somebody loves you
They will find you
Alive or gasping for air 
They will find you
Under a pile of dirt when everyone has disposed you
They will find you
Bleeding and seeking a healing soul
They will find you
Dancing in jubilation for life has been kind
They will find you

But sometimes when you love someone
Be the one to find them
Maybe they're drowning needing saving
Find them

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The Burden of Sight

I see it  in your eyes!
You have fallen into the trap of age
Your eyes are becoming deem
The sparkle I used to admire has faded
You've seen too much
That you have internalized it all
You let it play everytime you close your eyes
You've let the burden of vision
Fast-forward your days

Didn't we say we will stay the same?
You promised that we wouldn't get old
We would always turn misfort...

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A Glimpse of Love

Love visited me but I couldn't let him in
He walked in with a hypnotizing smile
His eyes so beautiful they lured your soul
But love was not picturesque
So I refused to grant him a permit to stay
For love was not tall, dark or handsome
Love was like an adaptation of a Danielle Steele novel with  poor casting 
So I gave love a 1 star rating
Unlike the princess in a Disney film
I couldn't ki...

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Love is Sometimes Violent!

I got a tell me about yourself question!

Well, you see the makeup on my face,

It's not a beauty enhancer

It conceals the scars on my face

That carry the testimony of last night

Punches on my jaws,

Punches on my eyes,

Bleeding nose

Blocking blows, please STOP...

He said LOVE is sometimes violent, 

So i stayed!


Tell me about yourself? 

Well, I buried  my co...

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Gender Based ViolenceSad love poetry

A Moment of Silence, Please!

The world is in chaos

Yet there is jubilation everywhere

People are gasping for air

Yet there is air around them

Their lungs refuse to accommodate any

So I watch them give it up instead

A moment of silence for the departed,please!


My eyes are glassed with suppressed tears

I turn on tv to silence my sorrows

But my grief knows no rest

The sound of children laughing...

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covid19wartimedeath at searefugees

This Writer is Not a Poet

I'm a writer not a poet
Sometimes my writing seems like a poem
But that is because I have no control over my self expression
I pour my soul into words
I don't spend time observing the shape they take
Sometimes they might rhyme
Sometimes they might come as stanzas not as paragraphs
But I'm not a poet, I am a writer.

You say but a poet is a writer
I do not dispute that observation
Now co...

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