Love is Sometimes Violent!

I got a tell me about yourself question!

Well, you see the makeup on my face,

It's not a beauty enhancer

It conceals the scars on my face

That carry the testimony of last night

Punches on my jaws,

Punches on my eyes,

Bleeding nose

Blocking blows, please STOP...

He said LOVE is sometimes violent, 

So i stayed!


Tell me about yourself? 

Well, I buried  my cousin yesterday 

He was an epitome  of a "sissy boy"

He solved conflict  with flowers and chocolates

But he loved a woman who resembled raging seas

She defied stereotypes 

She said LOVE is sometimes violent,

So he stayed.

LOVE stuck a knife in his heart in rage

Thats when he decided to leave

Did i tell you…

We buried my cousin yesterday

LOVE was too violent, so he left!


Tell. Me. About. Yourself!

Will you save me, if I told you?

Will you care if you noticed,

That my breath smell of blood on my lungs,

That I coughed  out of my mouth after blows on my stomach carrying his baby inside

My aunt said LOVE is sometimes violent

She told me to stay!


So tell me...

When you ask me to tell you about myself 

Is it because you desire to know me beyond the layers of make up

Do you want to see the desperation to escape in my eyes

The maiming of the words "help"out of my lips?

Will you tell me LOVE is indeed sometimes violent,

I should stay?


If one day LOVE takes me to my resting place,

Will you smell the flowers for me

When my babies bring them to my peaceful home?

Please tell them, if LOVE is ever violent to them

They must never stay!


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Thu 17th Mar 2022 20:38

I hope you have left! Powerful piece of writing that doesn't hold back on the realities of domestic violence - nor should it.

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Tsholofelo Modukanele

Thu 17th Mar 2022 19:32

Wow this is powerful.

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