Endless Suffering

I think the end will be a welcome break from this misery
Countless centuries have passed yet we have not evolved from this savagery

This evil has grown as we have fed it with our souls
This game called life we wanted to play but now we have lost the controls

Were we born this way or was it something we chose
To be so vile and disgusting to one another in the shadows

From oh so holy pre...

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Empty Inside

Time is slipping from my grasp
I thought life would be longer i thought it would last

Through fault of my own
I have again found myself alone

This endless feeling of despair
Has left me unable to care

My soul just wants a place to call home
And like anything you feed this darkness it has grown

I feel like a ghost haunting the ones I love
I am still alive but I think I am something...

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Innocence Lost

Little girl
she had just lost her first tooth
I am glad she got to enjoy just a small fraction of her youth

Those happy moments now forgotten
Replaced with excruciating beatings that happen often

He would shout and demand control of her body
Picking up her own shattered heart became like a hobby

Every time this happened her mother simply disappeared
The mere thought of love she now f...

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My Love

As I sit here and pick my skin apart
Just know that you have my whole heart

I would love you forever if I could
But you were gone too soon now i am left looking at the place where you once stood

This sadness I feel so dark and disturbing
The echoes of your voice still lurking

I don’t know how i am supposed to grieve
When even the mere thought leaves me unable to breathe

Was I so na...

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I was right here couldn’t you see me?
I am cut right open can’t you see me bleeding

You saw what you wanted
I gave you what you needed

It's never enough for you is it
In this family I was the piece that never quite fit

Isolation was my kingdom
My sickness built it to hide my symptoms

I shouldn’t have to scream in your ear to make you notice I’m in pain
If you actually cared you’d ...

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