I was right here couldn’t you see me?
I am cut right open can’t you see me bleeding

You saw what you wanted
I gave you what you needed

It's never enough for you is it
In this family I was the piece that never quite fit

Isolation was my kingdom
My sickness built it to hide my symptoms

I shouldn’t have to scream in your ear to make you notice I’m in pain
If you actually cared you’d notice it before I hung myself with a chain

I just don’t get this earth this life
I don’t know what to believe and whether to not there is an afterlife

We don’t need the bible to tell us what a good person consists of
It's not that hard to realise we shouldn’t hate each other but love

I am stuck in-between life and death just hovering
Too many questions no answers just wondering

Is there a point to this endless suffering
It just seems like a maze this life so puzzling

Must I just continue this circle of life that everyone does
Born, teenager, adult, make money, less happy, die alone just because

I can’t ignore this world but I can’t I bear to live in it either
The meaning of life has been a question no man on earth can decipher

My brain won’t shut up and my heart feels like its going to burst any second
Everything in my body hurts and my emotions have deadened

All the things in life that should matter to me now don’t
I wish I could say I will live till I’m old but sadly I know I won’t.








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Russell Jacklin

Sun 19th Jun 2022 12:25

Very very good, I think everyone will recognise a part of this verse in their lives


Sun 19th Jun 2022 05:18

Thank you Carol😊

<Deleted User> (33618)

Sun 19th Jun 2022 04:56

Your emotions are so heartfelt H. Hugs to you! 💕

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